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Name Syfaena
Age Adult
Gender Female
Sire Heirobuuto
Dam Onraa'glike
Species Raveen Kat
Mate Kazasuu
Birth Pride Blood Moon
Current Pride Graves
Element Disturbed
Abilities None
Notes As a Disturbed she'll rather enjoy pain, both receiving and dishing it out. Pain is life for a Disturbed Kat, after all. Her eyes are a glowing, somethings flaming, red hue and she has perfect nightivision. She was born under the Eclipse, and is thus a Whisper of Rekura.

Her Elemental Mutation comes in the forms of visible bone fragments down the back of her neck/wrapping around to her shoulders, visible femurs, and the red-energy that makes up the end of her tail, and the seeming "eyes" that appear in some sections of her stitched up flesh. She cannot actually see through these eyes, but they do allow for her to know when something is there before she's actually seen it with her own two eyes. Kind of like having a sixth sense. The end of her tail is made of energy that not only slices through flesh like butter, but also causes a reaction in those it cuts that leads to extreme pain ravaging one's system like needles and fire riding through one's bloodstream. The pain lasts up to five minutes per wound inflicted, and can be quite crippling if a large wound results.

Sometimes, when she's angry, the areas of stictched up flesh on her body will seem to pry apart from the other flesh, and bits of muscle and sinew will become visible beneath the torn up edges. But it will be glowing red like the eyes and tail she possesses. This reaction doesn't remain long, but can be quite grotesque to witness as her Aura will actually flare with nothing, but malice and dark intent when the transformation almost takes hold.

Type: Reaper
Personification: Will take on the form of a red-energy Raveen that seems to be created from torn up flesh, and a general undead appeal with visible skull and rib fragments.
Powers: Venomous bite (causes the flesh near the bite wound to rot), Can cause madness to take hold in nearby enemies, and Mass Pain (causes all nearby enemies, or allies, to be assaulted by deadly waves of pain in their systems).
Cub Stage
Origin Battle Prides

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