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Name Itami
Age Adult
Gender Female
Sire Heirobuuto
Dam Onraa'glike
Species Raveen Kat
Mate Abanduun
Birth Pride Blood Moon
Current Pride Graves
Element Disturbed
Abilities Disturbing The Peace: Instantly kills target
Notes Her fur is mismatched and stitched together, but the stitches cannot be torn/removed. She is immune to Instant Kill Abilities and Paralyzing Abilities. Like any Disturbed Kat she loves pain, either receiving it or giving it.

Large sections of her stitched fur are made of curious space-like flesh with red tints, and these sections cannot be wounded at all. Where they're stitched together with other areas of flesh the area is always bloody, as if the Void-esque flesh were trying to eat away at her own body. She's also curiously able to Reality-Shift, easily teleporting herself in and out of corporeal form, or relocating herself to another area with no problem.
Cub Stage
Origin Battle Prides

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