What is the Biker Cell Church?

Biker Cell Church International is a Christian ministry dedicated to evangelism and helping the poor. Our aim is to bring the Gospel primarily, but not exclusively, to the biker subculture. Our purpose in joining together is to provide an opportunity for Christian discipleship, ministry training, ministry resources, encouragement, and mentoring.

The Biker Cell Church is not a denomination, but an evangelistic ministry that embraces Bible-believing Christians of all traditions. The only requirements for BCC membership are a sincere statement of Christian faith and a desire to reach the lost.

BCC membership is voluntary. If you are a Christian and want to wear our colors, we are honored. If you want to fly different Christian colors, then we want to support you in the spirit of Christian unity. This is not a competition between churches, ministries, and Christian clubs. We do recommend that our members join Bikers United in Christ which brings together all Christian biker organizations.

Thank you for your interest in BCC. We look forward to working with you in the mission field.

GOD bless you.
All the brothers and sisters at BCC