Mid Week
Laconia Bike Week 2009

Why does it always rain on Bike Week? Two thousand nine was no exception. Riding up to the Weirs on Monday, I felt as if there were no oil left on my body. Tuesday's weather was better and Wednesday was really nice. I decided to register my chopper and ride that. I charged the battery Wed. morning. The engine started first kick! I was happy until I shifted in first and stalled the engine. As it turned out, the clutch was frozen. I was able to take the clutch basket out and fix it that morning. The bike needs tons more work, but it did get me to Laconia. Praise God!

A lot of old friends came to visit us at the tent. We made new friends and prayed for people. It's a privilege to serve in Jesus' name. From time to time we read the Bible aloud. Often I'd read a verse, then wait as a pack of motorcycles roared past, and read one more verse...

There were thousands of people and motorcycles on the strip. There was such a crowd of people that I couldn't see how to take a picture of the line of bikes. The only vantage point I could find was the Weirs Beach bridge. Here are motorcycles in paid parking next to the strip. If you look in the background you can see the endless line of people and bikes on the strip.

I took the next photo from the bridge. I thought the bikes on the grass made a good picture.

This photo is also from the bridge that same day.

So far, so good. I will keep you posted on our ministry. God bless.