Laconia Bike Week 2010

There was (relatively) good weather in Rainconia this year. It only rained a few times. Considering past years, that's not bad at all.

The good weather caused a good turn out this year. There were too many people and too many bikes for me to dare an estimate. Even more difficult is to know how many are lost. Ultimately GOD is Judge and only He knows. However, I believe He gives discernment to the evangelist who prays. I felt God telling me "Look! The fields are white for harvest!" Thousands upon thousands were not only lost, but also searching for their hearts' desire. Thousands will gladly come to the Savior if a person can explain the Gospel to them in a way they can understand. No, it isn't theology, dogma, or Religionese that they need to hear, but the story of Jesus Christ who loves them right now, just as they are.

A great number of Christian bikers were seen at the Weirs this year wearing their colors. I know this sounds fantastic, but I think there were actually more Christian bikers than cops. While we are on the subject, I will take the time to warn people to be careful how you park during Laconia Bike Week. The strip is closed down to cars for the week, so motorcycles can park basically anywhere except in handicapped spots (unless you have handicapped plates) or next to the crosswalk. There are yellow stripes next to the crosswalk, so don't park on those. Otherwise, they will tow you and I hear it can cost 300 bucks or more to get your bike back. I have seen so many bikes being towed that I thought I would say something.

Bike Week has been a blast this year so far. If you have photos, please send them to us and we will post them here. God bless.