Milton, NH ice races (Feb 1, 2004)

The members of BCC went to Milton, NH for the ice races held at the Mi-Te-Jo campground every Sunday. A fantastic time was had by all that attended. Lots of people were ministered to and a multitude of literature and coupons for free ice cream (for the kids) were handed out. This is just one of the many events we hope to attend, taking the opportunities given to us to bring Jesus' Spirit and Love to those that might not ordinarily attend a "regular" church and receive His message. We believe that by attending these events and witnessing to those there that we are fulfilling the words of Luke 14:23, "...Go out unto the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in..."

Scooby witnesses to some of the racing fans

So does Mickey

BCC bumper stickers look good on EVERY car