Getting Ready
For Laconia Bike Week 2009

This year the Biker Cell will be giving away free Bibles and Christian booklets at Weirs Beach during Bike Week. We are also selling fundraiser items in an attempt to pay the bills. Check us out. We have new and interesting embroidered patches, bandannas, du rags, and other junk you can't live without.

Here's a praise report. Some one gave Wally Gator a motorcycle for free. Praise God! It's a little rough around the edges, but we don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth. Last Monday night I headed over to Wally's house to find him, Preacher Harry, and Scooby working on the "new" bike. The previous owner thought that the motor was frozen, but we suspected the starter. A couple whacks with a hammer, and the starter motor wanted to turn. The starter relay is toast, but Wally Gator just uses a screwdriver to short the terminals and start the bike.

He also found an interesting way to replace a broken turn signal lens. He put an orange prescription pill bottle over the bulb and secured it with duct tape. I have never seen that before. The funny thing is- I think it will actually pass inspection like that.

Harry suspected a bad clutch and asked me to test it. Wally gave me the screwdriver key, I did a burn out, and pronounced it OK. It's then that I realized that the bike has the Honda V45 engine in it. I had one, and know that it's scary fast. How did Wally Gator get a drag bike for free? God is good.

Bike Week is off to a good start. We might not have the most money, but I think we probably have the most fun.