First Day
of Laconia Bike Week 2009

Bike Week is off to a good start. It threatened to rain, but never did. Lot's of people took advantage of this break and rode down to the Weirs. TK, Wayne, Preacher Harry, and I (Shoe) were there to make new friends and be a witness for Christ. It was a lot of fun watching the thousands of motorcycles drive by. This year there was an amazing number of trikes and reverse trikes.

I'm sure there will be tons more bikes later in the week, but this was a great turn out for the first day.

Wayne and John were on the strip. John rides the famous "Bible Bike." This Goldwing is covered with airbrushed scenes from the Bible. A rack on the back holds Bibles and tracts. Wayne often works with him in Laconia. His bike has a thought provoking photograph of a fatal bike crash and the words, "Are you ready?"

Please keep us in prayer; and please pray for the thousands of lost souls who don't know Jesus.