Club, Ministry, or Church?

Within the biker culture, the words “Motorcycle Club” and the abbreviation “MC” have a specific meaning. The term motorcycle club is generally reserved for the “1%” or “outlaw” organizations. (Not everyone wants to be called an outlaw or 1%er, so please don’t go around calling people that. This is only general information for Christian educational purposes.) The motorcycle clubs have a three-piece patch design. The center patch is the club’s logo. The top semi-circle or “rocker” is the club’s name. The bottom rocker is usually the club’s location. Those are the three patches in the clubs colors. Somewhere on the colors you will also see the abbreviation “MC.” Motorcycle clubs are expected to abide by certain principles. Also membership to an association of clubs may be required in some areas. The purpose of this essay is to generally describe a motorcycle club. By this definition, BCC is not a motorcycle club. We say this to show respect for the clubs and to state our own purpose. BCC is a Christian ministry started by a church in Somersworth NH of the same name.

Our back patch colors were carefully designed to declare our intent. BCC has a one piece patch. It is not that a ministry is better or worse than a club. The two types of organizations have different purposes. Rather than attempting to speak for the clubs (which would be wrong), we will instead state our own purpose. We are organized to help people. We want to bring the light of Christ into the biker world. We do not want to force our beliefs on anyone. We don’t want to be rude or disrespectful in sharing our beliefs. We want to make ourselves available if someone is curious about the good they see in us. We don’t just want to preach at people- we want to make friends. We don’t just want to talk about love- we want to love people. If someone is lonely, hungry, hurt, homeless or in need of help, then we want to help. A brother shouldn’t say “I’ll pray for you” and walk away. Prayer is great, but the brother should also step in and lend a hand. Think about this for a moment. Maybe the homeless guy himself was praying to GOD and GOD sent you to do something.

Within the biker subculture a one-piece patch design is accepted to symbolize a church, ministry, family riding group, sober riding group, or other charitable organization. Our colors help us to help people.

We pray that GOD ride with us and guide our actions as we bring the Gospel to all nations.