Laconia Bike Week 2004

I don't know how the experts attempt to total the number of people who visit Laconia during Bike Week. I have heard that it is roughly 300,000 people each year. For me, the numbers were overwhelming. It was clear early on that we didn't have enough tracts. We spaced them out in order to have some for each day. That week we handed out over 1250 tracts. We could have given out 15,000 or more.

Whenever possible, we like to talk to people about Jesus. But tracts are another wonderful ministry tool that are instrumental in the saving of multitudes.

Most of our ministry was not recorded by photographs. One reason is that I respect a person's privacy an do not take pictures when they come to me for help. Another reason is that the members of the Motorcycle Clubs do not want to be photographed (and we respect that).

We rode back and forth- sometimes sleeping in Meredith and sometimes at our homes. We had soul-winners in Weirs for every day of Bike Week and still kept our doors open at our Mission in Somersworth. I thank the brothers, sisters, and friends of the Biker Cell for all of their hard work.

Bikers are one of the last nations to be reached with the Gospel before Christ's return.

Praise God that seeds and being planted and watered; and that souls are being reaped for eternal life! Thank You, Jesus!