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As sure as the sun comes up in the morning and sets at night we know there is a need for what we do. We take in and provide a safe haven for the exotic animals in our midst that no longer have a place in peoples lives....







Lets  Zoo-it 

Together !

We specialize in animal education, entertainment & all aspects of exotic animal rescue. We are a self funded organization, and our critters help to earn their  keep.    We are USDA licensed & located in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. LA

Take a moment to enjoy the interaction not only 
between the Kid'z but the critters as well !!

What is Zoo-Zoom ?

Zoo Zoom  "The Little Zoo on Wheels" is a unique way of educating and entertaining children and adults with animals. Learn about some of the wonderful animals that we share this beautiful earth with. Become fascinated and amused with facts and antics of different species of the animal kingdom. 

In a nutshell, we are the "Little Zoo" that will come to you. We provide eyes on, ears on, and hands on experiences for folks of all ages.       From all types of birthday parties, family reunions, company picnics, special events, school functions  education days, hospital visits, fairs, field days, Mardi Gras Balls and more. Did you ever shake hands with a Wallaby? Do you know what a Coatimundi is? Have you ever seen such a silly goat? Or rubbed a little piggy's belly? Have you touched a big Iguana, felt the prickles from a hedgehog, sat and played with rabbits? Or cuddled Guinea Pigs? Have you seen a Hairless Rat? Or touched a seven foot snake? These are just some of the animals that we have.

Our animals are our pets, therefore their hygiene is of great importance to us. Those of you that have seen us know, and those of you that haven't can ask.  (The USDA is in touch with it's members on a regular basis and of the animals we offer, baby chickens were in a high risk factor. We no longer offer baby chicks, except as a display)

How many of us had chickens and never got sick...!!  The times they are a changin'

Zoo-Zoom "The Little Zoo on Wheels" is just that !  All of the animals are happy to travel, as long as we give them plenty of packing time.  So, plan ahead to have us out; we'd ALL like to share a little fun and interesting learning experience.  The animal staff of Zoo-Zoom can help you with all sorts of questions and information. All of our animals are equally interesting and fascinating. Some animals have scales, some have feathers, some have fur, some have hair, some have quills, and some have nothing but their skin. Can you guess who is who? Many of our animals are Exotic meaning that these particular species are not native to this area of the world, and are rarely seen, and never petted.

* there may be a travel charge depending on the location.

* gratuity for exhibitor is optional, but greatly appreciated.




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Acadiana's 1 & only true Exotic animal traveling petting zoo