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Timothy, Heidi & Korney

Corn Snake

Timothy & Heidi purchased from Michael Beran 8/2000

United States of America

       "Timothy on a log at Lake Martin"  (15 mths) 10/25/03

              "Heidi" enjoying her supper !   (5 mths) 12/12/02



                        New Baby Korn coming Soon" !!!!




"Timothy" is one of our Corn Snakes, he is still young, but that sure doesn't stop him from eating. It's unreal to see how wide a snake can open their mouth. Unhinging their jaws to take in the size of the prey that need to eat.

We feed our little Corn snakes pre-killed day old pinky mice, and they eat 4 of these a week. Timothy is about 16" long.

"Heidi" is a female snake, she too loves her feeding time, these snakes were captive bred and have been handled since the day they opened their eyes. This makes for very calm, well socialized reptiles.

"Heidi" is a member of the Albino family as her eyes are red, these color morphs are the work of breeding in captivity which has produced some of the prettiest colored well behaved people friendly little guys ever ! 

"Korney" is our big daddy Corn Snake, he is 3.5 years old and has been with us since he was very young. He too is a very well behaved guy, and really does appear to enjoy being held by people. 

Korney eats large mice or baby rat pups, which we buy from a wholesaler and are frozen. We prefer to use the frozen mice as the freezing will kill off any germs that the mice may have before we use them as food for the snakes.

Korney is about 4' long and is a Red Albino Corn Snake, he has red eyes and a red tongue. Being albino means he lacks the black skin colored pigment found in regular corn snakes.

For more information on Corn Snakes use the link below