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Sadie & Leah


Purchased from Renee Romero


"Sadie" December 2002

"Leah" December 2002


Sadie & Leah are our 2 cute little European Ferrets, they both are just 2 cute. They say that Ferrets are halfway in between dogs and cats in their behavior, playful and laid back. They are very inquisitive little critters and will get into everything. They love to come out of their cage and play, we let them out everyday. They love to play ball, and run around the living room. 

You can even train Ferrets as they are quite intelligent, we haven't done that yet though!

Ferrets are a lot of work, they require constant cleaning, and they are fairly easy to toilet train. You must clean their litter pans everyday otherwise they will do their business anywhere. They do not like soiled litter pans !!

Ferrets do like to be bathed and washing them at least once a month is good for them, washing them more than this can dry their skin out.

Ferrets are very affectionate and playful and do make wonderful pets. We use and recommend ZuPreem ferret food, we have found this to be the best nutritionally balanced food available. 

To learn more about these cute little critters use the info link.