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African   Spur Thigh Tortoise

Purchased from Durel's Pets Store August 2004













Moguai aged 9 months and about 2 inches.




Moguai (pronounced Mog-why) is a baby Ground Tortoise from the African Desert. The Spur thigh Tortoise is one of the worlds largest land Tortoises weighing in at a massive 240 lbs when fully grown and living for some 70 years.

These Tortoises are known as eating machines and will spend hours grazing on grasses and hay, succulents, plants and leaf matter. A low protein high fibre diet is imperative for a healthy Tortoise.

The notable difference between turtles and tortoises is land and water. The Turtles spend their time in the water, and the Tortoises spend their time on land. The Box turtle is somewhat of an oddity living half in each type of system.