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Kujo (big name-little fox!)

Fennec Fox

Purchased in Louisiana from a private breeder November 2003

Sahara Desert

                         "Kujo" in Nov. 2003 (4 mths)

                         "Kujo" in Nov. 2003 (4 mths)


Kujo our Fennec Fox is a true Fox of the desert. Kujo's origin is from the hot, sandy, windy Sahara Desert.

It is easy to see how Kujo is an adept and well designed fox of the desert. Let's start with his heavily furred little feet, the hair on his feet is long and thick making walking over hot sands possible. Kujo is very light almost white underneath to reflect the desert heat. Look at the streamlined swept back look of his eyes, well adapted for violent sandstorms. Kujo's ears are not only for very good hearing, but act as a giant radiator to aid him in cooling.

"This little fox can hear a bug walk across the desert sand"

In the wild the Fennec Fox is an active eater in the cool of the night, eating a variety of foods, such as crickets scorpions, vegetation, rodents birds etc.

"The Fennec Fox is a member of the K9 family, however they do show some Feline behavior"

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