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Purchased in Austin, Texas in June 2002

Paraguayan Mountains

"Katie" 13 months old


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Katie our Coatimundi is an absolute character, she loves us dearly, and really enjoys visiting with people.

The Mountain Coati is considered by many Coati aficionados as the "premier species" of Coati's. Their "blonde" coloring and marvelous personalities make them truly unique

Katie is leash trained and loves to walk around our property looking for bugs, she digs up Crickets, Lawn Grubs and all sorts of other little creatures. Look out if she finds a lizard as she will eat that too.

She is a wild girl though and has copious amounts of energy, she is a real live wire !

Her favorite treat is pop tarts, the non frosted strawberry kind, Katie eats a wide variety of fruits and foods. She is Omnivorous, meaning she eats meats, fruits and vegetables.

For more information on Coatimundis, use the link below.