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Leopard Gecko

Donated by Michael Beran on June 26, 2002

Pakistan   India

                           Dino September 2002   3 yrs

          Dino perched on a branch @ Our Lady of Fatimah

                           Dino September 2003   4 yrs





Dino is our Leopard Gecko, he was donated by Michael Beran in June of 2002, thanks Michael !

Dino is full grown and 8 inches long, we must weigh him one day and see what this little fella weighs. Owning a Leopard Gecko as a pet is great, they are not too difficult to look after, and they are really not a high maintenance animal. As with all animals, you must always care for them the best you can. This is very important to your pets health and well being. If you don't look after them they will die...

The Pakistani Leopard Gecko will be a generally healthy and well fed specimen if he has a nice thick well nourished tail. You can tell our Dino is very healthy as he has a thick juicy tail. The Leopard Gecko's tail is a bit like a camels hump, this is where Dino stores all his extra nutrients.

Leopard Geckos do and can lose their tails, this is quite traumatizing for the Leopard Gecko as they are so reliant on the nutrients found in their fat tail. The tails are so nutrient rich it could and can be a life threatening situation for your Gecko. 

So be careful and always handle this species with care .

For more information about Leopard Geckos use the link below.