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"Cassie" and "Ziggy"

Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig

Cassie was Donated by Eric Romero February, 2002

Ziggy was Donated by Brooke Mire October, 2002

Country of origin Vietnam


"Ziggy the Piggy"


"Cassie" is our female pig, she was kindly donated by Eric Romero, who has always wanted a pig but couldn't have one at home. So now Eric has the best of both worlds.

Cassie is very smart and we are slowly teaching her some tricks, she is learning to sit for peanuts !! Cassie will generally come to you when you call her.

The only thing that we know Cassie really does not like is Cement, boy oh boy does she turn it on if we have to walk her across cement to go somewhere, she squeals like a pig !!

"Ziggy the Piggy" is our little male pig and one of the latest animals added to our collection. 

Ziggy is still one of the most energetic pig's I have ever seen, yet he is also very quiet and relaxed. He loves to run and play. 

Ziggy will readily sit for treats, which is pretty neat for a clever little piggy !

For more information on Pot Bellied Pigs use the link below.