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Joey & Bindii

Bennett's Wallaby

Dama Wallaby

One of Australia's best known animal Icon's ... We Love 'Em !!


This is "Boomer" December 2004 (10 mths)



We have a total of three Wallaby's at our property here in Breaux Bridge. They are very interesting and inquisitive little critters. I still remember these running wild like Deer back home in Australia. As far as for pets, if you have the land, they make for great pets, they do require lots of space and protection from the elements and dogs. A small Wallaby requires at least a 50' square area to run and play in, and need protection from stray dogs, which may chase and kill your Wallaby. Boomer is an Australian Bennett's Wallaby and will grow to a standing height of about 3' tall which is almost twice the size of the Dama Wallaby who reaches a standing height of only about 18". The Dama is one of Australia's smallest Wallabies, and one of the most skittish. The Wallaby is a prey item for many creatures in the wild from the air and from land.