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Michaelangelo: Box Turtle

(Not the Ninja!)

Meet Michaelangelo!! He's a box turtle. He became part of our family when we rescued him from the middle of a busy highway. We brought him home and now he thinks he rules the roost.

How do you take care of a box turtle, you ask? Well, see the worm. That's his favorite meal. Of course, he also likes strawberries and tomatoes. He's supposed to like lettuce and green beans, but not Mikey. He's a picky eater.

Also, turtles like to soak in water. So a shallow pan of water must be available at all times. He has his very own outdoor pool, as well. It's needed for him to have sun. Turtles need the ultra violet rays for their digestive system.

His bedding and potty box is an easy one. He just needs basic cedar or pine shavings fresh every other day or so.

Mikey gets the run of the house during the day. It's important not to leave him out in the extreme heat without shelter, because turtles must be in around 70 degree temperatures. However, they do love the humidity.

Turtles need a place to crawl in and hide to keep from being disturbed. We find Mikey in very unusual places. For instance, like the picture above, he had crawled up on a shelf. He likes to hide behind curtians, video cabinets and pretty much anywhere he thinks he can fit.

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