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Skyland Manor

Home of Registered Morgan Horses


Welcome to the home page of Skyland Manor, breeder of quality registered Morgan horses since 1994. We currently have seven equine residents. Five lovely Morgan mares that make up the foundation of our small breeding program, one amazing perlino Morgan gelding, and our barn mascot, a lovely little grade Welsh pony mare. Our primary focus is to simply enjoy our horses. We are not a show barn nor are we a big breeding facility. However we do enjoy raising show quality Morgans from time to time and they may occasionally be available for sale. Please enter the site to view pictures of our horses, past and present, and to read the testimonials of our clients and a little about our farm's history. Pictured above is our seven year old gelding, "Prince." We've decided to retain him as a future lesson horse. He has become such an important part of our horsie family we simply couldn't part him with him at this point.

* Collage of "Prince" designed by Sasha Gubanov using photos by K. Rother and Sasha Gubanov *