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Scholes Genealogy Service

Scholes Genealogy Service

PO Box 432 Hancock, ME 04640




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At Scholes Genealogy Services we offer a friendly, personal, yet professional genealogy service to anyone who is interested in their ancestry.

We will endeavor to provide a quality service - whether it is looking up one small piece of information to help you with your own research, or detailed research into many branches of your family.

Although we specialize in research in the counties of Hancock and Penobscot, Maine, we are willing to undertake research in other areas, including American, Canadian, Irish & Scottish records, if sufficient information can be provided by you.

We feel very strongly that the quality of the information given is far more important than finding a line which goes back a long way but is dubious in its connection. We would not ever make assumptions that an individual "is probably the right one". We will provide you with all the documentary evidence supporting our findings - either noting sources or making photocopies. Certainly we will let you know about people we do feel are connected to your family, but this will always be clearly shown as "not proven" or "further evidence is required". Sometimes, for example due to illegitimacy where a birth has not been registered, this could be fairly early on in research but it is not worth making assumptions - there is no point in researching someone else's family! It is possible that it may be sorted out later, so put it on one side and research another line.

We will tailor research to each client's particular need and keep in contact with you at each stage of research. As each family is different and the type and quantity of records surviving is so variable, it is important to keep you informed of our progress. If it appears that we are not going to be successful in tracing a family or an individual for any reason we would, of course, contact you and only charge you for any work undertaken to reach this conclusion.

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  Scholes Genealogy Services
PO Box 432, Hancock, Maine 04640
Telephone: (207) 664-0726