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Summary: Buffy gets a taste of her most forbidden desire... Early S4, B/S, PWP *COMPLETED, June 2002 - July 2002*NC17

Author's Note: This is pure and unadulterated pointless smut. This is also the first pure and unadulterated pointless smut I have ever written, so be sure to read&review so I know whether or not I suck at it. Oh, and if anyone cares, I suppose this is set somewhere early in season four...after 'In the Harsh Light of Day' somewhat obviously. I felt the need to give Buffy a shot at some good Spike-lovin' before he became all safe and domesticated. After all, the danger's half the fun. ~_^


by Kantayra

Chapter One - Forbidden Fruit

With a slight sigh, Buffy thrust her stake through the newly risen fledgling. It exploded into a pile of dust and, belatedly, she realized that she should have given one of her trademark quips before she sent it to Hell. Not that she felt like coming up with quips. Or staking vampires, for that matter. She wearily continued to trudge through the cemetery, carrying out the motions of patrol if not the spirit. Lately, she hadn’t had the spirit for anything. Not since Angel left…

In a hidden corner of her mind, a little voice told her that things had fallen apart much earlier than this. In fact, her relationship with Angel had been destroyed the instant he turned into Angelus and their fairytale romance had ended. She suddenly realized that that was what the whole thing with Parker had been about in the first place: a desperate attempt to rekindle the passion in her life. Boy, had that one been a mistake…

However, a shrill scream suddenly interrupted her brooding. Forcing her life-weary legs into a run, she came upon five vamps and their female victim.

“Isn’t a Slayer’s work ever done?” she said, exasperated, as she staked the two fledglings that had rushed her immediately. The other three were more experienced minions and took more effort to kill.

The first threw a long punch at her middle. Only her fast block and a quick kick to his side saved her from being gutted. However, she didn’t have time to finish him off since one of his companions was now bending over their victim, preparing to bite.

Buffy launched herself at him with her full strength and tore him from the young woman instants before his fangs would have pierced her throat. Buffy almost let out a small smile at the cracking sound the vampire’s skull made when it collided with a nearby tombstone.

The third member of their group used her distraction to leap upon her from behind, though…or at least what he thought was her distraction. It was the last mistake he ever made as he impaled himself upon the stake Buffy casually raised up behind her. She quickly dispatched the unconscious vamp beneath her as well before turning back to the first who was just now recovering from her earlier assault. Correctly assessing that his odds were exactly zero, he fled, leaving Buffy to assist the intended victim.

“You saved my life,” the dark-haired woman said in a slightly accented voice, shakily getting up to her feet. “I am in your debt, Slayer.”

Buffy shrugged. “Just another night’s work…” she began, and then realized what the woman had called her. “You know what I am?” she exclaimed in surprise.

The woman, who now seemed to have fully composed herself, smiled mysteriously. “I know many things. I know of the hidden evils that most men ignore. I know of the darkest desires of the heart. I know them all.”

“Er…yeah,” Buffy said, starting to wig slightly at the woman’s bizarre speech. “Well then, you probably shouldn’t wander the cemeteries at night. Vamps and all, y’know?”

“But perhaps I was meant to, no?” The woman’s dark eyes flashed. “Perhaps our meeting was fated…”

“Ooookaaay,” Buffy took an inadvertent step backward. “Why don’t you go home and…”

“But I have yet to repay my debt,” the woman insisted.

“It’s no biggie, really,” Buffy insisted. “I just happened to be here, and…”

In an instant the woman had latched onto her wrist. “Do not refuse my offer so casually, child,” she whispered, “for my power is great.”

“Your power?” Buffy was amazed to find that she couldn’t pull away.

“To grant you your deepest desire,” the woman responded.

“A-Angel?” Buffy stammered with sudden hope.

“If he is your true wish,” the woman nodded. “But in your heart you know he is not, and he has not been for quite some time. The passion is gone.”

A slight shiver passed down Buffy’s spine as the woman repeated her own thoughts from earlier. “But if not Angel…” Buffy began.

“Ah, that is the question now, isn’t it?” the woman suddenly clapped in delight. Then her voice returned to its sultry whisper. “Have you ever wanted something – desired something – so forbidden, so impossible that you could not even admit it to yourself?” she hissed. “For this is what I can give you – that which you could never have, never should have, never should even want…”

Buffy tensed. For an instant she saw something in the woman’s eyes – the image of two lovers intertwined in a desperate, forbidden passion to dwarf all others. The woman’s face became visible for an instant, and Buffy saw herself, her mouth and eyes open wide in a scream of complete pleasure.

“Yesss…” she whispered softly.

“And so you shall have it,” the woman agreed. And with a snap of her fingers they were gone.

* * *

“No!” Buffy cried out when she recognized the sleeping man in the bed.

“Yes,” the woman insisted. “I can give you anyone. I can even give you him.”

“Take me back home right now!” Buffy demanded. She was absentmindedly aware of the fact that the racket they were causing really should have woken him up by now. “I do not want this…or him,” she spat out the last word defiantly.

“Don’t want him, or can’t want him?” the woman purred. “They say that the most forbidden fruit is also the sweetest…”

At that moment the ‘forbidden fruit’ in question muttered slightly in his sleep and rolled onto his back. The white silken sheets that covered him twisted with his motion, gathering about his waist and leaving his bare muscular torso open to Buffy’s inspection. Entranced by his beauty, she cautiously reached out one hand to stroke his chest…and jumped back with a start when she passed right through him.

“Oh, don’t worry,” her strange companion replied to her startled look. “We have yet to fully enter his world. After all, it is your desire. I will only truly bring you to him if you ask.” She paused for a second to contemplate the sleeping figure. “Truly exquisite, is he not?”

Buffy nodded dumbly. She hadn’t been able to tear her eyes from his form since it had become further exposed. He looked like a fallen angel, lying there amidst the white silk. She began to despise the sheet for stopping its descent when it did. She was confident that he was wearing nothing at all, and just a little bit further and she would be able to see… She suddenly snapped to attention, halting her treacherous thoughts.

“Take me back home,” she firmly demanded of her companion.

“Are you sure?” the woman cooed. “You do not desire him?”

“I—“ Buffy was about to deny it when she saw that the woman had already seen her blatant want. “It’s just lust,” she amended quickly. “Pure, simple lust.”

“Yes, lust!” the woman said in delight. “And it is just this that you have denied yourself for so long – passion. Do you want the passion to return? He can give it back to you.” The woman leaned in close to Buffy’s ear and whispered, “I assure you, the intensity with which he hates is nothing compared to the intensity with which he loves…”

“I know, I—No! It won’t work! This is rape!” Buffy finally came up with a valid argument.

“Not if he takes you willingly and within full possession of his senses,” the woman retorted.

“But he wouldn’t!” Buffy insisted. “Not unless you changed him…cast a spell on him!”

“Wouldn’t he?” she hissed. “Do you know him so well? Besides, a spell would defeat the whole purpose. You want him this way,” she gestured to his supine form, “beautiful, innocent, brutal, dangerous…”

“Deadly,” the word barely passed from Buffy’s lips.

“You know what you want more than you let on, Slayer,” she smiled. “No guarantees, no safeties…”

“Afterwards?” Buffy suddenly demanded.

“Maybe one safety,” her companion conceded. “Merely utter the command ‘forget’ and he will never be the wiser.”

“I-I could actually have him…” Buffy muttered in awe. “I never…”

“Dared to dream.” Her sentence was finished for her. “You can dream now, child. On second thought, don’t dream about it, do it!”

A strange calm settled over Buffy. She knew this decision would probably lead to her immediate death, but somehow everything about this seemed so…right. It was as if a small voice in the back of her head had been screaming at her all along that this was what she wanted, this was what she needed…him.

“Well?” the woman beside her was growing impatient.

“Yes…” Buffy murmured.

The next thing she knew she had collapsed on a heap on the carpet, her companion was gone, and everything felt…well, she could feel it. She was actually there. It took exactly the same amount of time for her to realize this as it took for him to catch her scent and pulse, identify them firmly as ‘Slayer’, and awake with a defensive start. For a second he stared at her lying on the floor with disbelief. Then,

“How the bloody hell ‘d you get into my bedroom, Slayer? And why are you…naked?!”

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