Please read; this is NOT just your standard disclaimer!

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The story you are about to enter contains all sorts of material that many people might find objectionable. First off, it's rated NC17 - not just for the usual sex - but also for f/f, m/m, three- and more-some pairings. There are some nonconsensual and semi-consensual situations, as well. I'll also give a blanket warning for BDSM and blood-play. Also, both Buffy and Spike will be involved in sexual and romantic relationships with characters other than each other. So many of these sex warnings apply to other, non-B/S, pairings as well.

In addition, the primary focus of this story will be Buffy/Spike/Drusilla. If this bothers you in any way, please do yourself, me, and everyone else a favor and don't read on. My intention in the story is to explore a three-way relationship, so Drusilla will not be villainized, thrown to the side, or insulted in any other way for the sake of the Buffy/Spike 'ship. I do hope you'll give it a chance. But if you're reading this story the entire time going, "Why won't she just kill Dru and make it B/S?", then this really isn't the story for you. There are plenty of straight-up B/S stories for you on the main page.

I will also be keeping this story solely within the realm of soulless vampires. It will not be about redemption, or right and wrong, or any of the other basics in the BtVSverse. My goal is to portray vampire society, the way individuals interact within that society, and how it affects their relationships/personalities/development. This means that, yes, Vamp!Buffy, Spike, and Dru will be killing humans. It's not the focus of the story, but it will definitely occur. Often. If you have any kind of objection to viewing the world from a vampire's perspective, then - again - this is not the story for you. I have chosen to try to develop a society with values significantly different from our own. I hope you can all respect that that doesn't mean that I advocate this system in any way, but am merely exploring a story idea.

Furthermore, if you have any fundamental objections to any of these basic tenets, that's fine. You're entitled to your opinion. But I do NOT need or want to hear about it. Feedback is for encouraging writers, not trying to force your own viewpoints upon them. I have made a conscious decision to keep this story - as well as all my others - open for any and all anonymous readers. Please don't make me change my mind. After all, we're all mature adults, right? If you don't like, don't read. And certainly don't yell at me for having different interests.

Well, after that lengthy warning, I'll just say that if you choose to continue you are effectively accepting responsibility for what you are about to read. Thank you for your patience in getting through this message. It really is a shame that a few individuals who won't take responsibility for what they read require me to force the vast majority of adult readers to slog through all this. Thanks once again for putting up with it all, and I hope you enjoy! ^_^

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