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Akiles = Alvero Romero - Spain /clans: D&M
The oldest Q3 player to compete at the highest level, Akiles reached his peak at the World Cyber Games 2001 in Korea, where he placed 2nd. As of 6/06 he plays Q4.

Appleseed - France/ Interview: 3/31/04 at QLAN2 from ESReality
Q3 TDMer and CTFer.

Avek = Maciej Krzykowski - Poland/ Interview: 1/5/06 at GGL
Very young Q3/Q4 dueler.

Blue = Henrik Björk - Sweden/ clans: AllStars/ Interview: 5/8/06 at GGL
Though he quit early, Blue was one of the best early Q3 players, known to have executed the first demoed triple air rocket in Q3. He has competed in some Q4 tournaments, but hasn't placed very high.

Blunt - U.K.

chance = Chance Lacina /clans: esp /Interview: 7/2/05 about eswc 2005
Chance played Q3 online with a high ping for a long time before getting a better connection and reaching a higher level of play. As of 6/06 he plays Q4.

cha0ticz = Jared Cugno - Boston, Massachussetts
ChaOticz is one of the friendlier Quakers. He's now writes for the GGL occassionally and is among the top American Q4 players.

cl0ck = Mark McGrail - Massachussetts /clans: cloud9 /Interviews: 10/31/03 at ESReality - 12/19/03 at ESReality - 7/1/05 about eswc 2005 at Planetquake.de - 10/25/05 about Q4 at Planetquake.de - 12/11/05 pre-CPL Winter 2005 at Gotfrag
Cl0ck played CTF for most of his Q3 career. He and his CTF clan, cloud9, won many CTF tournaments and were the best CTF clan in the U.S.A. and possibly the world. Cl0ck made the switch to 1 v 1 late in the lifespan of competitive Q3. He is also known for having once been accused of using an aimbot and kicked out of a CTF tournament as a result.

cooller = Anton Singov - Moscow, Russia /clans: sF, TMP, C58, eSu, emax, forZe, teamONE, Territory, RuSh3D, checkSIX, mousesports /Interviews: 3/21/06 by Sweeper at ClubFnatic/ 3/21/06 by Carmac at ESReality/ 5/09/06 by ESports.pl at ESReality/ Livejournal (mostly Russian)
Possibly the best Q3 dueler ever, cooller is a master strategist. His item timing and map control are unmatched. He also has one of, if not the most, deadly lightning guns in the game. He uses the odd looking "Russian style" popularlized by Polosatiy in which the keyboard is kept on the lap, the mouse is placed more or less in front of him, and his elbow rests on the desk. As of 6/06 he looks to be the strongest Q4 player as well, having won the first major international Q4 tournament (CPL Winter 2005), and Dreamhack.

Cypher = Alexei Yanushevsky - Belarus / clan: fnatic.
This young Belarussian surprised many with his high level of play during the summer of '06. He finished 2nd at ESWC '06 and 5th at QuakeCon '06, both tournaments filled with top tier players. His outstanding performances landed him a contract with club fnatic. He has beaten Cooller on numerous occassions, once earning himself a spot in the Kode5 finals. Unfortunately, due to tournament age restrictions he was unable to attend the finals, and was forced to concede his spot to Cooller.

czm = Paul Nelson - Massachussetts /clans: 519, check6 /Interview: 4/12/04 at ESReality - 7/2/05 about eswc 2005 at planetquake.de
Czm makes the short list of the world's best Q3 duelers ever. He was also a top TDMer (under the name Ultrono519)and a pretty good CTF player. Czm's game combines clever tactics with deadly accuraccy. Probably one of the smartest Quake players ever, Czm is a math major at Princeton University, and also programmed his own FPS, Ultrono Arena.

daler = Sean Price - Austin, Texas /clans: 69, Team3D
Named after the Indian pop star, Daler (Dollar) Mehndi, Daler the Quake player also marches to the beat of a different drummer. Daler was known for his rail accuracy, unpredictability, aggression, and luck. He was a PT4 master and the first to ever beat Fatal1ty on PDM6. After Q3 he played on the CPL 2004 Painkiller World Tour, without much success.

Dept Andrey - Russia /clans: RC, ITS /Interview: 6/7/04 at ESReality
Russian Q3 dueler, as is his brother Leon.

Derfel = Luke Molyneux - Bristol, England /clan: Gunzoids /Interview: 6/6/04
Derfel was the captain of Gunzoids, a European Q3 CTF team.

Desp - Sweden /Clan: Eyeballers /Interview: 3/31/04 about QLAN2 at ESReality
Q3 TDMer.

D1ablo = Oleg Kogut - Leipzig, Germany /Interview: 6/17/04 at ESReality
One of Germany's top Q3 duelers and TDMers.

Quake 2 player.
Dues = David Kinnair - Scotland /Clan: Iron Fist, 4Kings /Interview: 2/3/06 with the BBC about his "switch" from tennis to gaming - 2/15/06 at Fnatic.com
Q3 TDMer, now a Q4 dueler. He's also a tennis player and coach.

elpajuo = Alejandro Gonzales - Venezuela /Interview: 11/21/03 at ESReality. Mostly about promode - 6/16/04 at ESReality
Elpajuo was an ex-CPMA player, and his frenetic style of play reflected this.

Fatal1ty = Johnathan Wendell - St. Louis, Missouri / clans: Clan Kapitol / Website / List of achievements / Interviews: 11/28/03 at ESReality - 2/6/06 at Gamecloud / Video of a Fatal1ty shootout
The most famous gamer in the world, Fatal1ty approaches gaming as not only an "esport," but also a business. Fatal1ty was possibly the best Q3 player in the world until his early retirement. He was the best dueler and also a top team deathmatch player with Clan Kapitol. After retiring from Q3, Johnathan went on to play Unreal Tournament, Call of Duty, and Counterstrike, and to be one of the top two Painkiller players. With the release of Quake 4, Fatal1ty has returned to his Quake roots. In addition to earning money from tournament winnings, Fatal1ty has taken esports sponsorship to the next level by releasing his own brand of merchandise including computer componenets.

Fazz = Pär Söderman - Sweden /clans: [EYE] /Interview: 3/31/04 about QLAN2 at ESReality - 5/25/04 pre-ESWC 2004 interview at ESReality - 12/4/04 at Planetquake.de

Fooki - Sweden /Clan: FPS /Interview: 3/31/04 about QLAN2 at ESReality - 4/13/06 about joining Fnatic at GGL
Q3 dueler. Also plays TDM.

fox = Magnus Olsson - Sweden /clans: p1mps, iCE cLIMBERS /Interview: 3/31/04 about QLAN2 at ESReality - 7/9/04 about eswc 2004 etc. at ESReality - 6/30/05 about eswc 2005
Fox makes the short list of the world's best Q3 TDMers, but is also a top dueler. His balanced style of play combines excellent aim with smart tactics. Teamed with Toxic, Fox was unstoppable in 2 v 2.

Gopher = Fredrick Quick - Sweden /clans: iCE cLIMBERS /Interviews: 10/22/05 very short about Q4 at planetquake.de - 2/13/06 with TOXIC at gotfrag - 2/21/06 at GGL
GOPHER, along with his brother TOXIC, is one of the founding members of iCE cLIMBERS, arguably the world's best TDM clan towards the end of Q3 (and poised to be at the beginning of Q4). He has a very accurate railgun. GOPHER is probably the better TDMer while TOXIC is the better dueler. GOPHER also had success in Doom 3 dueling

Hunter - Ukraine / sponsor: Hoorai.
Although Hunter has placed highly in numerous Russian Q4 and Q3 tournaments, he hasn't played much internationally.

if-22 - Neth

Immortal = Kurt Shimada - California /clans: Clan-9 /Movies: at GGL
One of the top Q2 duelers, Immortal attempted a much publicized (by the GGL) Q4 comeback, but wasn't very successful.

jibo = Jibo Fan - China/Moscow, Russia. clans: c58, Rush3D
Originally from China, Jibo now lives in Russia. He has excellent aim in all weapons and good weapon selection. Although he is an excellent TDMer and dueler and has beaten cooller on multiple occassions, he has not played in many international tournaments and wasn't very successful in those that he did play in. As of 2/06 he plays Q4.

keep3r = Yury Mikulchik - Minsk, Belarus /Clans: v4 /Interview: 6/11/04 at ESReality Kornelia = Kornelia Takacs - Hungary/Los Angeles, California /clans: Clan-9
Originally from Hungary, Kornelia was one of the first high profile female quakers.

LakermaN = Oskar Ljungström - Sweden /clans: AllStars /Interview: 9/6/00
One of the best Q3 players at the beginning of its existence.

LeXeR = Alex Nesterov - St. Petersberg, Russia /clans: M19, ^n
LeXeR's unusual config included very low sensitivity and very high acceleration. He caught the attention of the quake community by winning Quakecon 2002.

Makaveli = Victor Cuadra - California /clans: Clan-9
One of the best Q2 duelers, Makaveli was one of the more extroverted quakers. He has been known to verbally taunt his opponnents in the middle of a match and throw chairs at lans.

Missy = Jamie - Berkely, California /clans: girlz of destruction /Website: Personal
Winner of Ms. Quakecon 2005.

Morfez = Andrew Ratchnikov - Russia /Interview: 6/13/04 at ESReality
Q3 dueler.

Ooze - Sweden /Clan: FOE /Interview: 3/31/04 about QLAN2 at ESReality
Q3 TDMer, is now Q4 dueler.

Panicore - Sweden /Clans: iCE cLIMBERS, wC /Interview: 3/31/04 about QLAN2 at ESReality
Q3 TDM player.

Polosatiy = Roman Tarasenko - Moscow, Russia /clans: forze
Revered by many young Russian Quake players, Polos was an accomplished dueler and TDMer in the beginning of Q3's glory days. Since then he has gone on to do much for the Russian esports community, including creating the popular Russian fps site, Cyberfight.ru (or .org). He also pioneered the "Russian style" of playing in which the keyboard is placed on the lap and the mouse positioned in front of you. Cooller and some other Russian players use this style.

Prozac - Sweden /clans: pimps, quad people's organization /Interview: 3/31/04
Q3 TDM player and occassional dueler. Fan of Britney Spears.

Purri = Mikael Tarvainen - Sweden /Interview: 7/18/05 at ESReality
The best new school Q2 player, Purri now plays Q4.

Redemz = Alen Beganovic - Croatia/Netherlands /Clans: Begrip
Q3 dueler, now playing Q4.

Scooby = Grzesiek Radzimirski - Poland /Clans: Blackdragons /Interviews: 7/18/05 at ESReality - 2/22/06 about Blackdragons etc. at ESReality
Scooby was an accomplished Q2 player from Poland, who is now doing a good job of playing Q4 in the United States.

socrates_ = Jason Sylka - New York /Interview: 3/29/06 about Transatlantic Showdown at GGL. - 4/2/06 about Transatlantic Showdown at Fnatic.
Socrates is an old school quaker who has done pretty decent in Q4. He is one of the oldest quakers to play at such a high level. Even though he was among the top duelers in Q3, he never won an international tournament until he beat Cooller in the GGL Q4 Trans-Atlantic finals of March 2006.

Tech - Sweden /Clan: iCE cLIMBERS /Interview: 3/31/04 about QLAN2 at ESReality.
Q3 TDMer.

Thresh = Dennis Fong - Berkely, California /clans: Legends, Death Row /Interview: 2/4/06 at ESReality.
Claiming to have never played Quake single player, Thresh was a Q1 multiplayer legend. He was a mental player who relied less on aim and more on strategy. Thresh never lost a tournament and only lost one official match. His TDM clan, Death Row, was also dominant, except for when they played the Swedes. Still probably the winner of most valuable prize in a Quake (or video game?) tournament, having won John Carmac's Ferrari at the Red Annihilation tournament in 1987. He played some Q2 but wasn't as successful as he was in Q1, and eventually retired. He is one of the cofounders of XFire, a gamer oriented chat client.

TooGoood = James Harding - U.K. /Clan: Iron Fist, Dignitas
Formerly known as jay, he was a Q3 TDMer. Now he's doing well dueling in Q4.

TOXIC = Johan Quick - Sweden /clans: iCE cLIMBERS /Interviews: 12/22/03 at ESReality - 6/30/05 about eswc 2005 at planetquake.de - 10/22/05 about Q4 at planetquake.de - 2/13/06 with GOPHER at gotfrag
In both Q3 and Q4 Toxic is known for his amazing rail aim. He also has an excellent LG and movement. Some people (like cooller) question his tactics though. He's also a founding member (along with his brother GOPHER) of arguably the world's best TDM clan (iCE cLIMBERS).

UnKinD = Alexey Smaev - Russia
Winner of the World Cyber Games 2002, UnKinD had the twitchiest style of play of any pro. This was a result of his high sens, high accel config. Although he didn't play for long, UnKinD helped cooller become the Quake master that he was to become.

[viju] = Vijal Patel - Boston, Massachussetts /clans: cloud9 /Interview: 3/31/04 about QLAN2 at ESReality - 6/16/04 at ESReality
Possibly the best Q3 CTF flag defender ever. He always knew where to be and where his opponent was going to be, and as a result railed alot of would-be flag runners. His clan, cloud9, was the best American CTF clan, and one of the top CTF clans in the world. They rarely lost a match. Viju also duels occassionaly.

wombat = Mark Larsen - Chicago, Illinois /clans: stx
Wombat was one of the earliest Q3 stars. For one reason or another he didn't play for very long though, although he has continuted to play fps games, playing in both Painkiller and Q4 tournaments. He also had some success playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Z4muZ - Sweden. clans: AllStars /Interview: 12/15/03 at ESReality - 3/31/04 about QLAN2 at ESReality - 10/25/05 very short about Q4 at planetquake.de
Q3 Dueler.

ZeRo4 = John Hill - San Diego, California /clans: 519 /Interview: 7/8/04 about ESWC 2004 etc. at ESReality
ZeRo4 was one of the best Q3 players ever. He is described as having an adaptive style of play. He was one of the best aimers, even though he used an old school Microsoft ballmouse. He has since retired and is reported to be making decent money playing online poker.

Quake Personalities

arQon /Interview: 1/15/06 at Gotfrag
Programmer behind Q3CPMA, Q3OSP, and Q4MAX. He's also a Quake player.

Carmac = Michal Blicharz - Poland.
Carmac has interviewed many top Quake players/personalities and covered many Quake events for ESReality and GGL.

Carmack, John - Dallas, Texas /Website: Wikipedia entry /Interview: l8/16/03 on Q4 and Armadillo Aerospace at Gamespy
Co-Founder of id Software and creator of the Doom and Quake series and lead programmer for Dooms 1 and 2 and Quakes 1 through 3. He's also the founder and leader of Armadillo Aerospace, a rocket company.

Dallon, Matthieu - France /Interview: 4/21/04 at ESReality - 2/27/06 at GGL
Dallon is the founder of the prominent European ESports organization Ligarena and largely responsible for bringing us the Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC). Apparently he is also a big fan of Quake.

DJ Wheat = Marcus Graham - Kansas, U.S.A. clans: 519 /Interview: 6/20/04 at ESReality
Wheat was a TDM player for 519 when he began shoutcasting as a hobby. Now it's his job, as he has become the Quake fan's shoutcaster of choice at Radio iTG.

Romero, John - U.S.A. /Websites: Wikipedia entry - His own webpage / Interview: 12/12/03 at Gamespy
Romero was one of the co-founders of id Software. He was largely responsible for the design of Dooms 1 and 2 and Quake 1. He was also a big fan of these games and played them constantly.

Sujoy = Sujoy Roy - U.K.
In addition to having once been a talented Q3 player, Sujoy founded and runs the FPS oriented computer game news site ESReality.


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