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One week on Rhodes and Symi in pictures ONE WEEK ON RHODES AND SYMI IN PICTURES

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Rhodes city or Rhodes town beholds the largest complete medieval town in the world and is surrounded by 7 kilometers of thick walls. Inside you find the Grandmasters' palace and other great buildings, together with loads of streets packed with old buildings, medieval and Turkisch. The streets are littered with souvenir shops and restaurants.

The harbour in Rhodes city.

More pictures of the Mandraki harbour.

Turkisch building in the Mandraki harbour and old buildings inside the city walls.

A blue house inside the city walls, some art and the walls of the Grandmasters' Palace.

The walls and towers in Rhodes town and the two towers marking the entrance of the Grandmasters' Palace.

The buildings within the medieval fortress, and the cannonballs you find lying around everywhere.

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