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Milwaukee's Best: The Beast

Welcome to my Milwaukee's Best appreciation page. This page is here to inform you of the probably the best tasting beer on the planet. There are 3 different kinds of beer. First, Milwaukee's Best Light is the lightest beer and it tastes great. Next we have Milwaukee's Best Premium which has the middle potentcy and tastes probably the best out of the three. Last, but definitely not least we have Milwaukee's Best Ice. This beer has the richest taste and can liven your night up pretty quickly. To all you newcomers to Milwaukee's Best beer it has a nickname which is:THE BEAST. Scroll down and click on the Busch link for my upcoming site on Busch. And at 6 o'clock we have the scary yet important Ornelas Liquor store. The Beast comes outa this babies womb.

My Favorite Beers

My Favorite Web Sites

This site is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. The guy who wrote this is trash and as smart as a brick.
The sweetest radio station ever!! You want good music?? Check this site out.
A good look into the true heart of America.
chrisunh: jame-o...heres another one for your list of favorite websites...this one is hilarious