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My Artwork Albums

My Artwork Albums Online

First Album
Second Album
Third Album
Fourth Album (again ;))
Fifth Album
Sixth Album
Meli's Portraits of Friends
Seventh album
Artworks for jgeorge (Re-edited)
Eight Album
Ninth Album
Tenth Album
More Friends Portraits
Eleventh Album
Renderosity Knights Portraits (and Marco)
Twelveth Album
Thirtieth Album
Fourteenth Album (April/May2004 ,unseen pieces!)
15th Album (July 2004)
16th Album (February 05, partly unseen!)
17th Album (2005/2006)

It might be the fact I live in one of the most beautiful and artistic Towns of the whole planet (Florence, above in the paint of mine, done from the view you can get at Piazzale Michelangelo. It costed me two months of work!!!! And I am very proud of it.), or the fact Beauty of Nature amazingly sparkles in many corners of my Region (Tuscany, Italy.. Virginia Wolf used to say only here you perceive the real perfection of the creation), but I have always loved all art forms. Not deserving any praise , but finding in that many pleasure, I have always loved to drawn and paint. I never had a proper education nor training at it in any art school, but nonetheless, I still love to have this hobby which lets me express my soul in a deep way. You can find more also in my Renderosity and Deviantart Pages, but here, anyway, there are all my works. Many of them are spread in the world: the wide majority belongs to my friends I have in all Continents now, which constitutes a reason for me to smile and I hope it does for them as well! Enjoy always art! (not mine.. mine is a game, not art!)


I still recommend to all art lovers to visit the Renderosity Community Online @ Renderosity Site
This section will be updated on a regular basis: numbers of Albums will increse every two months!
Please notice that my Artwork Album 2 is a Geocities Domain which generally causes small troubles to those who load it. Being unable to work on it anymore, it lacks links to come back in this section, and it's recommanded to be viewed only to very patient kind of fans of my artworks (if there are around!). I am sorry for the inconvenient, as soon as possible I will try to remake Artworks Album 2 under another Free Web Host.Thank you for your time, Meli.

Notice that Album 4 had to be rebuilt and a few of its work have been moved in Album 8. For reasons about the rebuilding (if you don't know, but you do) we can have the usual exchange of mails (but it's not really worthy that much of time. You know whom I am talkin about ;))
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