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My Camera Artworks

Pictures albums available

First Album Various Sea Subjects
Second Album North Italian Atmospheres
Third Album Florence Sights
Fourth Album Roman Holidays
Keep Roman Journey 1
Keep Roman Journey 2
Keep Roman Journey 3
Keep Roman Journey 4
Keep Roman Journey 5
End Of Roman Journey
SummerlyLights (Sea and Mountains)
Urban Views Lombardia
Valle D' Aosta (Alps & More)
More Aosta Pics
An Ode To Florence
An Ode To Florence Part 2
Trips March/July 2004
Summer 2004 Views (Including Lecce)
Meli Modeling Strange
Winter atmospheres 05
Lodi and Milan Sights
Genova Aquarium Undersea Life
Sights of Gran Canaria Island
Pictures of 2005/2006 (NEW!)

Meli's personal shots now available! Click here and check 42 High Res Pics of me! by entering in a site dedicated to my personal shots. A new album with VARIOUS of my friends as model is HERE and HERE TOO. Please before using any of these albums pics ask me permission through mail. Any use not approved by me will lead to legal action if discovered.

In this new section of my site you're gonna taste some of my camera works, all taken with my old Pentax PC-303 or my digital Camera Canon IXUS 400. No postwork of any sort allowed, ban the scanning and resize /sharpening in case the work of my scanner for no digital pictures won't be detailed enough. I am a total beginner so especially at first my works will look pretty unprofessional, but I look forward to improving . If you like to help, contact me ;) Enjoy :)

Note and Disclaimer:All images in this website and artworks are exclusive properties of the owner of this website and artists who created them allowing me to show them. Any stealing, copying or using without permission of the owner of this website is strictly forbidden.