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September 25, 2002 10:00pm

What a jip! Not only did Danielle get away with murder, but CBS paid her $50,000 for doing so, and they got my live feed $9.95/month in the meantime. I can only half blame the injustice on CBS editing during the Q&A session--the houseguests were aware they were revealing their votes live...they could've returned some hideous comments back to Danielle...what's wrong with these people??? Matters worse, Danielle got the final "Eff You" by giving Julie that nauseating eye gleam while saying that she'd do it all over again. Thank God she's got the Internet to look forward to.

Otherwise, I'm happy Lisa won, and with even more votes than I was expecting (I was unsure how Lori, Josh, and even Chiara would vote.) She provided surefooted answers in the Q&A against Danielle's shakey, guilty-eyed shame responses, and my favorite part was when she admitted she "fell for" Danielle's venomous scheming. Jason's tearful presence was moving, Tonya proved that Marcellas's approval is more important to her than her "sexy" mothering techniques (or lack thereof), and the brief airing of the Eric-Lisa reunion was a sweet relief after all she's been going through the past few days. As opposed to Danielle's overused and underfactual montra, Lisa played as innocent as a midriff-baring dove, sly like a sweet'n'loveable snake. I'd love to see more of Amy in the future (if any houseguests are reading this, please email me with *any* comment you wish to share) as well as Jason and Roddy. I can picture Josh and/or Chiara holding a spot on Hollywood Squares and I liked that Josh apologized to Gerry, who also looked just super and Lori seems like she deserves a decent enough life. I'd like to thank all those out there who make Big Brother such a fulfilling experience--online, on TV, by the water cooler, everywhere--and to those who have read and emailed this blog, and to those who contribute to update boards and screen cap entries and fan sites. I tip my hat to you out there who are submitting your applications to Big Brother 4, and please, please, please fill me in on when it starts!
September 25, 2002 1:05pm

I'm growing increasingly giddy for tonight's imminent bloodbath. With any luck CBS will air some of Danielle's drunken behavior from last night's feeds--along with Lisa's failed efforts to prevent her from further embarassing her family. But be forewarned: put the kids to bed before watching!
September 24, 2002 9:21pm

It's a little sad and teary in the house in a nervous breakdown sort of way. Danielle has for a few days been especially nervous about facing evicted houseguests, and last night the feeds went to FOH as BB showed them clips of example questions and comments to help them determine whose vote they choose to cancel. Danielle seemed relieved that Roddy asked something about peanut butter, but Lisa had a hard time with Eric's insinuation that she had betrayed him with her vote against him to return into the house. Many of the other comments and questions seem to have been harsh as well, and looking like they were the harshest on Danielle--she said she did not wish to attend the cast party, that she just wanted to take her check and go home. My guess is that Roddy is working behind the scenes casting Eric as a jilted lover and Roddy as a non-threat to skew illusions to the houseguests (mostly Danielle) enough to deter them from cancelling the most effective votes. I haven't fully thought out how the full plan would work, but I don't think that Eric is that upset with Lisa, and I doubt Roddy would ask Danielle nothing harsher than a question about food. A mere 22 hours and we'll know for sure.
September 23, 2002 10:42pm

Sadly, I missed Saturday's show, but I surely know its outcome. I had heard enough of Danielle wigging out over Roddy's "souless" comment and when my father sent me the actual clip of Jason and Lisa flipping over 2 pictures of Danielle I couldn't stop laughing. Currently in the house Danielle has resigned to the fact that she will most likely be given the second prize, but what bothers her the most is that the houseguests will come back and are allowed to ask Lisa and Danielle one question. Danielle is truly sweating Roddy's question and has acknowledged that she's a mean-spirited jerk. I hate to say it, but much of Danielle's game playing was good--her ultimate plan to keep Jason to the end failed because she sold him out in the key competition, and it's missteps such as that that will keep her from winning. For instance, what she calls simple "venting" in the DR are actually documentations on how downright mean, manipulative, condescending, foul, unfunny, egotistical, and hypocritical just one (1) individual can be. Most of all, I'm not going to miss that patronizing gleam in her eyeballs and tongue everytime she just wanted to hear herself talk. Lisa will be rewarded for being the true innocent yet sly one.
September 21, 2002 9:29am

Yesterday was Part 2 of the HOH competition, but Big Brother is holding off on revealing the winner until tonight's live episode. The plan was for Danielle to throw the competition which would mean that Jason would compete against Lisa for HOH. This is somewhat distressing for the Danielle Hater since she sealed her way into the final two by making deals with both remaining contenders. I still have some hope that Lisa might have something up her sleeve, but that sort of hope usually goes nowhere. I'm also hoping that Big Brother stays a step ahead of Danielle and her obvious competition-throwing tactics and molds the outcome against her favor--possibly leaving Danielle to expose her dirty lying misgivings. But some good news: Amy is home and checking up on her websites and opening her eyes to what was backstabbing her for weeks.
September 20, 2002 8:31am

Danielle pulled another scumbag move, but all is not lost. After 4 hours of holding onto the keys in the pool, Danielle struck a fake deal with Lisa to bring each other to the final two, which Lisa is more prone to commit to than Danielle. This isn't so bad because Danielle was the one who let go of the key, allowing Lisa to skip the second part of the final HOH competition, and leaving Jason and Danielle to compete against each other in round 2. And even if Lisa does take Danielle to the final two, she'll most certainly win whereas it's a little chancier if she's up against Jason. Danielle seems upset that she lied to Lisa, but she can go to hell.
September 19, 2002 10:43pm

Jason is officially out of the Boat-in-the-Pool-Holding-on-to-the-Key part of the competition. I'm sure that Danielle is ripped that she for once has to play the heavy in an important yet boring competition, but I know that Lisa has the stamina to pull this through.
September 19, 2002 10:00pm

Innocent as a Baby-Eating Dingo, Sly like a Box of Rocks

I've been an Amy supporter, but for a minute there I started to feel sick thinking that Jason might vote out Lisa for being too high of a competitor. Amy's streak in the house was a pure streak of luck, but Lisa has been cruelly used by Danielle, and as of tonight I am rooting for her to win. Tonight's episode was as good as any Thursday night episode--I'm sorry to see Amy go, but I'm glad she's not in the house unwittingly campaigning above herself for a rotten individual to win, and it'll be interesting to see if Amy forgives Danielle for all the backstabbing in the unfortunate event Danielle makes it to the final two, and I'm equally as glad that Amy outlasted her supreme faux friend, Marcellas. Elsewise, Julie Chen managed to dress trampier than Tonya, and Roddy looks like he's seen better days (what's he doing in Las Vegas???) but seeing Bucky spaz out for Amy earns a spot on my list for Favorite Big Brother 3 Moments.

Ok, I was wrong about there not being a final HOH competition because Lisa, Jason, and Danielle are all just beginning the three-part contest. The feeds are behaving badly, and it was awfully difficult to hear with the BB rain, but Jason, Lisa, and Danielle are holding tight to their keys, and barely speaking to each other. Not good TV. Jason has admitted that he and his family suffer from small bladders, so we'll see if he'll be able to hold on or decide if he's comfortable enough with viewers and fellow houseguests to proceed with an alternative choice. Lisa has demonstrated smarts ever since she and Eric were nominated back in week four but falls short whenever she says she's "gonna kick some ass" or "wreak havoc" or "do what needs to be done." However she continues to provide glimpses of hope that she can avenge this self-described "dark side" of the Jason-Danielle alliance, and I realllly realllly hope she does.
September 18, 2002 4:25pm

Just four people left in the final weeks, and they're getting silly--so bad that Jason has branded them as "being in the middle of middle school." Lisa's online chatters asked her to kiss Jason on the mouth, and lo and behold, Big Brother provided libations that same evening and the regular dissing was replace with kissing--and more than you would expect. Jason was caught kissing both Lisa *and* Amy (Danielle is married, lucky for him!) and now Amy seems to be exhibiting a bit of a crush on America's favorite virgin. Meanwhile, Danielle got sloshy drunk and revealed a little too much of her plans to already-skeptical Lisa. I'm looking forward to seeing the Diary Room entries tonight.

Amy will be leaving tomorrow, and then there's just one week left. Houseguests have been discussing the next HOH competition and assume it will be some sort of endurance contest, which contradicts last year's m.o. for elimination. Last year Monica, Will, and Nicole entered a 3-way competition (a memory contest that resembles most HOH competitions this year) which Monica chumped out miserably, leaving Will and Nicole to be the final two. I can only imagine the procedure will be the same this year since it doesn't make much sense to be HOH with no one left to vote, but we'll see. Danielle has acknowledged that if she's in the final two opposite Jason she will lose to him, but little does she know that she could be up against Adolf Hitler and still get less votes.
September 16, 2002 8:23am

Anyone who was hoping to chat with Danielle about cooking or how "strong" she is is out of luck, because evidently viewers would prefer to hear what Lisa *really* thinks about her fellow houseguests. We'll get our chance today (Monday) at 3pm EST on CBS.com.
September 14, 2002 9:00pm

Danielle's mother didn't just raise a fool, she raised a fool with a hair-trigger response to greed and was ready to snatch everyone else's phone calls before even learning she could get more than $5000. Poor Lisa really lost out on the Luxury Challenge, but she's finally starting sniff out Danielle's heinousness, however I'm afraid it's really too late for her to do anything about it. I was really annoyed that Danielle once again deflected her dirty work onto Jason by repeatedly announcing that he's the one deciding who stays and who leaves. Nonetheless, tonight's SpongeBobish Food Competition was terribly cute and entertaining, a close second to the Speedo/Money Flying Machine challenge. BB2 viewers will recall Will and Bunky's gay helicopter date, back in BB1 Curtis got to attend a Hollywood awards ceremony, and this week Jason and Amy have won an opportunity to leave the house for a dinner cruise. Jason probably wishes he hadn't won at all--he's a bit on the awkward side when it comes to girls, but I'm sure Amy will be able to guy talk about spitting if that's what he really wants. It's nice to know that "Bucky's fi-i-i-i-i-i-ine" and that Amy's brother has killed plenty of dove (Amy herself is a dove hunter--a hobby riddled with bad karma if you ask me) but I still have to keep an ear out for the gift Amy will be sending her mother.
September 13, 2002 10:58pm

Well, if it's not a surprise at least it's official: Amy and Lisa are on the block, and Jason has assured Lisa that she is safe. It will be Lisa, Jason, and Danielle advancing to the final three, but be sure to include any margin of error that may usher Danielle into the cold dispair and honor of First Place Loser. Worst case scenerio, she gets $50k along with a new asshole provided by her former houseguests, which is a guarantee if she's in the final two with either Lisa or Jason. Amy has fully escaped a total loss with a triple-pronged crown of fame, endurance, and some $10,000 she won in last night's luxury competition. Not only that, but I think Amy will be pleasantly surprised with the amount of fans she has out there (some I'm sure with perfect teeth, even)--I believe she's second only to Jason.
September 12, 2002 9:54pm

Pride breeds fools. Sure, Danielle has a ticket to the final three, but knowing indelible shame will eventually be cast upon her, I'm ok with it. Amy is not Marcellas's girl, she's *my* girl, and tonight's episode provided a couple of top ten BB3 moments--first with Marcellas's theatrical yet ill-conceived reluctance to self-veto followed with his glorious eviction, sprinkled with Danielle's crocodile tears (the live feeds are livelier than any post-eviction feeds I've watched.) Marcellas's karma and bravado killed him, and I can only hope that Danielle will take over the bash ball and burn yet another bridge. Amy is my favorite blonde cockroach of all time but I figure she will be on the block one more time this week as Jason will most likely cast the only vote. Jason doesn't hold back when he admits he believes Amy has an unfair advantage for having two weeks of rest and fun in Mexico, but for someone who's been on the block for a majority of her weeks in the house, I think she's done well. Lisa's ok, Jason went back to the old 'do, Marcellas is history, Danielle still sucks.
September 11, 2002 10:10pm

It's been pretty weak in the house the past couple days. Lotsa chit chat, they created their own 9/11 T-Shirts, the producers allowed them to see a banner (in honor of 9/11), and Amy has finally come to the conclusion that she has been used. Bet your cash that Marcellas will be the only houseguest to be vetoed not only once but twice, at the same time Amy gets to be the only one evicted once more than she would prefer. Jason has been visibly annoyed with his fellow houseguests, Marcellas is on a hunger strike, very little strategizing other than the regular "I gotta win HOH on Thursday" combined with many hours of sleeping.
September 9, 2002 12:02pm

Just a small update: Marcellas has won the Golden Veto. He can veto Amy or himself. Which do you think he'll choose?
September 8, 2002 11:03pm

It's 8pm BB time and they still have yet to compete for the Golden Veto. Today Marcellas has been soiling Lisa's name because he was nominated instead of her and he's been pissed at Jason for it. Danielle quickly assured Marcellas that she's on his side (even gave her God-blessed word) which I believe is only to secure a spot off the block in the event he survives this week and becomes HOH. Jason has encouraged both Amy and Marcellas to use the Golden Veto if they win it. The posthumous Roddy bashing took a break today (but check out some of his own post-eviction comments about Chiara. Ouch!)as they resorted to long bouts of chit chat about nothing. For a while there I was hoping that Marcellas would Golden Veto himself because he's the only non-Danielle person with a mean enough streak to nominate her, but now that she's making this new promise to him, I think he'll channel his strategy towards Jason, Lisa, and his favorite punching bag, Amy. My bet is that Lisa will now be privy to the same authoritative "I love you, but you don't play the game well" bullshit explanation he constantly uses on Amy.

Also, because Danielle is willing to align with Marcellas, I'm beginning to think she may be toying with the idea of advancing to the final two with him instead of Jason. This weekend Danielle has been giving some thought to how former housguests might vote and acknowledges that her DR entries may cause her more harm than good. She probably figures that Amy will be gone by then and that Marcellas's low opinions of former houseguests are going to lose their own fair share of votes. Danielle truly has been loyal to Jason throughout this game and it would surprise me if she turned against him, even ever-so-slightly, however her character so far has proven that she's comfortable with double standards and deceit.
September 7, 2002 9:40pm

Even Jesus went crazy once and last night so did Jason. Evidently Jason snapped at Danielle after she wouldn't stop bugging him and she felt all dejected for a while, but unfortunately she didn't bug him enough to put her on the block. Today is nomination day and the seats belong to perennial fave Amy and megajerk Marcellas. Marcellas has of course blamed everyone except himself for his situation, and I think it's great that Jason put him up there and feel no need to even ponder why. The Golden Veto could change everything, but as is today, Danielle and Jason are giving serious consideration to giving him the boot.

This moment in the house Danielle's speculating whether Saturday Night Live is broadcasting spoofs of the houseguests (chya, right) but reality TV guru Jason steered her straight and said they probably aren't quite that famous. Danielle then wanted the remaining houseguests to perform their own spoofs of the evicted houseguests. The woman is so mean-spirited and dumb it's frustrating. Roddy had a good strategy when he finally revealed that he was not only playing to win the votes of those left in the house, but also for the houseguests who were watching at home. Danielle's holding on inside the house (Lord knows why) but now she wants to add gasoline to the bridges she's already burned with every last houseguest.
September 7, 2002 1:39pm

I don't usually enjoy message boards devoted to hating houseguests, but Danielle's actions will force anyone change the rules. Thankfully the folks at the splendid Frozen Feline Big Brother 3 Super Site agree. Click here to send your own SatanGram to the true beast of the house, Danielle Reyes.
September 6, 2002 4:13pm

Today houseguests were told to "Expect The Unexpected" and were called to the DR one by one to learn "the new twist." Before being called into the DR Danielle's paranoid mind came up with CBS taking away the HOH's power to nominate leaving it to the former houseguests. I gotta admit, now that the ex-houseguests have grown leary of Danielle, I like that plan. But alas, it's not that good, it's what they call "The Golden Veto" which is a golden piece of crap disguised as the final Power of Veto of the season. The new twist is pretty weak and given the POV track record it doesn't alter this year's game much at all.

Ok, the Golden Veto has an extra power I just learned about: houseguests can veto themselves. They will compete for the Golden Veto on Sunday and the final Veto Ceremony will be held live on Thursday's 2-hour episode.
September 5, 2002 9:05pm

Just five minutes after the remaining houseguests swore to America they love Roddy, they're in the backyard holding a bash fest in his name. Roddy was completely in the dark the second Chiara walked out the door and his biggest mistake was believing and trusting lies from the rest of the house. I liked Roddy and after seeing his parents tonight I understand and believe he presented us and the houseguests with his true character. Roddy's parents were classy and real, and I thought it was cute that they had nice things to say about Chiara (considerably nicer than Jason's parents could.)

I've come to the conclusion that Danielle has a deal with Satan which explains her obsession with demons and her manipulation over the trusting Christian. I kinda wanted Danielle to end up with the HOH power so she'd be forced to create enemies, but instead she's treated to another week of the Saint drudging her dirty work (since their attempt to throw the competition failed). Marcellas has graduated to Head Asshole for not only refusing to acknowledge Gerry's efforts but for shunning him at the same time. If anyone in the house is a disappointment, it's him, not Amy. Sure, Amy likes to drink more than the rest of them, but what would Danielle, Lisa, and Marcellas do if they didn't have someone's faults to pick apart. I liked her apology to Roddy and wish she had vetoed him this week. Lisa is a lemming.

Danielle Tip: It is not ok to leave your kids for months if you are blonde with fake boobs. It is ok to leave your kids for months if you are Danielle with fake boobs.
September 5, 2002 4:58pm

From what I understand, Danielle, Jason, and Lisa are planning to throw the HOH contest so that Amy will win it and nominate Marcellas and then Amy will not be able to win HOH the following week. If this plan does hash out, I wonder if Amy truly would nominate Marcellas or if she would nom different set of 2, and if so, who???

Another Tip from Danielle: If your vocabulary incorporates more than two multisyllabic words, you are the Devil.

September 4, 2002 10:15pm

What was up with Jason's hair tonight?

Lotsa downtime in the Big Brother house makes for long days for the houseguests and those who watch the feeds. Tonight's show was pretty good (even if my favorite American Idol lost this evening)--I enjoyed it when Roddy called Marcellas the lead jackal in a nest of vipers. I think the producers hand-picked the Power of Veto competition for Amy to see what she would do with the power. The people in this game are chewing her up and spitting her out and it kinda hurts to watch, but I still say anything is better than watching a sewing circle of bitching over other hg's habits and behaviors while they completely ignore their own.

Chiara held a well-managed online chat and seems to be doing well. She still used the "not fair" approach to Amy's return and still has the hots for Roddy, but she was surprised by Danielle's two-faced scheming and felt she played the game "a tad too hard" and that it will affect her vote at the end. Chiara placed Jason number one as who she wants to win, then Lisa, Danielle, Marcellas, and Amy last. Ultimately she'd like Roddy to win, but realized his BB future is grim. (Today was voting day in the house, and Danielle, Lisa, and Jason all made a pact to vote Roddy out. Another unanimous vote, how boring!) There was also a Gerry chat but I missed it and am holding out for the transcript.

Today's Tip from Danielle: If you are Roddy, it is not ok for you to lie. If you are Danielle, it is ok for you to lie. (ed. note: if you wish, you may exchange lie with either scheme or bully others in order to benefit yourself.)
September 3, 2002 8:43am

All that flirting from Roddy failed combat the oppressive reign of the rest of the house and Amy chose not to veto Roddy. Now with Roddy on the roster, all the houseguests are fed up with Amy and she's become the New Gerry. With so few houseguests remaining, there's not much going on other than that.
August 31, 2002 11:59pm

I'm out of town and missed tonight's show, but I understand that Marcellas did indeed deliver a vicious nomination speech to Amy and lotsa people think it was unjust and unneccesary. Today Amy has won the Power of Veto and I was hoping that Roddy would charm her enough to save him from the block, but she's since announced that she will address Roddy with her own lengthy speech at the Power of Veto ceremony and has been saying that she feels sorry for Chiara and owes her an apology. This leads me to believe that the anti-Roddy propaganda worm has infected Amy's thinking and she will not be vetoing Rod. Dani's dominance over the house reminds me of George from Big Brother 2000. I couldn't understand *why* the houseguests allowed him to take a leadership role, but Dr. Drew came on and said it had something to do with the house's state of isolation. Scary. However, since he's been out of the house, Eric has mentioned that he had no idea that Danielle is so manipulative and will not win the game because of it. She frequently insults and undermines the very people who will come back to vote who in the end wins. This is not a game tactic I would proudly (and constantly) refer to as "holding my cards close."
August 30, 2002 9:32pm

Susan Luccis Together

Marcellas has nominated Amy and Roddy. Amy needs no enemies with Marcellas as her friend, and I gather that his nomination speech was rather harsh, but Amy seems to be level-headed about the situation and Marcellas is still letting her stay in his room. Roddy may lose the rest of his hair this week. There's still the Power of Veto but it's not worth speculating until someone wins it, but I can't imagine anyone looking to alter the line-up. I don't know why Danielle gets away with murder.
August 29, 2002 9:18pm

Danielle has lost the HOH competition, thanks be to God. I guess God doesn't agree with her that Roddy=Satan, and to prove it, Danielle's li'l human footstool Lisa lost HOH, too. Marcellas is the first BB3 houseguest to win HOH for the second time, and I'm curious to see who he will nominate now that all the obvious choices are gone. Perhaps Roddy will offer him a handjob to nominate Danielle, but Marcellas may even arrive at the decision to nominate powerplayer Danielle on his own. Marcellas insists that Amy is his girl, but also criticizes her when she's not around, so we'll see if she has a comfy HOH bed to sleep in this week. Even after Julie's attempt at a fast one, I doubt any viewer is surprised that Gerry got the boot tonight. My good wishes go out to him and his family as the horrors of what went on behind his back unfold for him. Luckily more and more viewers recognize that Gerry's not the shameful one--that the others are to be condemned for their rotten childish behavior in the house. I scarcely know what the houseguests will talk about now that Gerry isn't there for them to viciously abuse (minus Jason--I feel I should give Jason this credit) but I suspect this week will be far more interesting than Jason's reign of snoozerama. It would be fun if Marcellas nominates the superpowers Roddy and Danielle, but most of all, it will just be fun to see Danielle be nominated.
August 27, 2002 11:13pm

Not much going on today other than the regular ass-kissing from Roddy and regular catty back-stabbing from Danielle, Marcellas, Lisa, and Amy. They're overreacting again and refusing to eat the meal Gerry is cooking. Marcellas said seeing Roddy schmooze Amy was like watching "Satan with some brain damaged lamb." The house is discussing how to handle tasks once Gerry leaves since he was the only one to ever clean the hot tub and the pool, and I guess BB told them the lizards need better care. Soon there'll be even less daytime action without Gerry's morning wake-up routine. The houseguests frequently concern themselves with making "good TV" but frankly I'm tired of these low-class bitchers. Starting next week their final outcast will be expelled, they'll be forced to turn on each other. It's looking like the boozy Amy will be the next sacrificial, brain damaged lamb.

Did you know...
CBS lists Roddy's occupation as "Writer" but has logged in more career hours as Bartender.

August 26, 2002 9:41pm

Jason is powerless against demons. He's caught between Danielle dragging him around by his big Christian hair and Roddy positioning to kick him in his behind. Roddy made sure to bond with Jason all night to prevent a reconsidered nomination seeing as Jason also has the Power of Veto. It worked, and Jason has chosen not to use the Power of Veto (even after crying about giving Roddy $500k), and Gerry is getting really insecure about getting kicked out. Meanwhile, Danielle has developed a new "masterful" plan that has her and Marcellas voting Gerry out, and Lisa and Roddy voting Amy out leaving Jason to cast the tie-breaking vote against Gerry. The purpose of the plot is to prove to Roddy that Lisa is on his side. Danielle has made it clear that she wants to advance to the final 2 with Jason, so she's just using everyone in her path, including poor unsuspecting Lisa. I still don't buy it that this crank won America's Choice. It's kind of funny that Roddy is becoming as clueless to house scheming as Gerry, and if Danielle does make it to the end, I hope the houseguests recognize all her conniving ways and give ANYONE else the grand prize. I don't care who wins as long as Danielle doesn't.
August 25, 2002 9:42pm

I suspect CBS has interfered with the tally counts because Danielle has won this week's America's Choice competition. The only acceptable alternative I can fathom is that America figures Gerry's out this week and they want to give the video to the other person with a family. This is just the thing to fuel Danielle's greedy arrogance and it makes me go "Grrrrr." The other thing that's been bothering me is that Gerry/Marcellas clip from yesterday's show. I know Marcellas has been complaining about Gerry for weeks, but I wrote it off as Marcellas being a complainer. But he's right: Gerry is obsessed with Marcellas. Obsessed. If that segment on yesterday's show wasn't enough, I've since noticed that Gerry has been awfully critical of Amy since she's returned, and frequently says that her presence "weakens" Marcellas. And then I remembered that after Amy was evicted, Gerry told Marcy that he was jealous of the relationship he shared with Amy. At the time, I thought Gerry was saying that he was jealous a tight relationship had formed within the non-Beautiful People at a period when he was being ignored, but I thought wrong. He was just jealous of Amy. I'm trying keep my freaked-out level low because Gerry still needs all the support he can get, but he's really testing my dedication.
August 24, 2002 9:04pm

Lotsa man crying on tonight's show. It was a so-so episode, I still miss Eric's sleeptalking, but the musically scored Gerry/Marcellas montage was pretty funny. Poor, silly, severely out of touch Gerry. I think he's racking up the votes against him this week unless Danielle bullies on the guilt to Jason to use his Power of Veto (he won it today) to get save Gerry or Amy and nominate Roddy. I suppose it's a possibility. Jason's tears may earn him the America's Choice contest again, because America loves a boring, moral-lovin' man as long as he's easy on the eye. And tonight I decided I wouldn't want Marcellas as a friend.

August 24,2002 1:03am

Roddy has the deal of the century because it's Gerry and Amy on the block. Amy seems to be drunk and holding good spirits and I think Gerry's in bed so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to assess their position on things. These are my two favorite players so I don't know who to root for.
August 23, 2003 6:38pm

Jason is rallying up pre-nominations opinions and negotiations. At this moment Roddy is using his same bag of tricks to keep his head off the chopping block for the third week in a row ("I see so much of you in me, and so much of me in you." Actual quote from Roddy), but I don't think it's gonna work. It's probably going to be Roddy and Amy up there. Could be Roddy and Gerry, maybe even Gerry and Amy, but probably Roddy and Amy. Jason was just now telling Roddy that he has been let down by Roddy's trust and it went to FOH. I'm out for the evening so I'll be carrying around my own nagging curiosity about nominations. One thing that's good--the houseguests won their Food Competition, so no constant bitching about PB&J for the week (a notable plus for those who watch the live feeds.)
August 22, 2002 9:01pm

Welp, any which way you look at it...Chiara, Kiki, Chiwhora, Chiaslut, Cheap-whora...whatever you call her, she's gone, and Danielle proved to the world her word is worth its weight in shit because she gave it to both Chiara and Amy. Jason's gonna have a rough time with the nomination process and I'm surprised he didn't throw the competition like Lisa and Danielle obviously did. I have a bad feeling that this may be Gerry's week to be nominated, but Jason is Danielle's lackey so maybe Roddy will go for week three, and maybe even Marcellas will go up since he's been exposing her two-timing ways.

I'm just happy that Amy's plan for the week succeeded as Danielle's failed. A lot of people compare Roddy and Danielle as the two strongest players on the show, but as a strategist, Roddy is way more human. Roddy has the ability to appreciate the good in others and gives credit where credit is due, whereas Danielle is so concerned with self-promotion that she underestimates the rest of the house. Marcellas and Gerry are a couple of one-man shows and both have the smarts to strategize with the best of them. Amy has the balls to get what she wants in life, but probably not enough scope to cover all the angles in this game. Jason is proving to me that there truly are non-judgemental Bible Belt Christians out there, and I appreciate his good nature in a house full of jackals. I'd still love to see him emerge as an underhanded conniving dark force, but for now he just remains as sweet as boring pie, God bless him.
August 22, 2002 8:31am

Later last night Danielle and Lisa shared a conversation that suggests Roddy will be the one axed tonight. Lisa planned on telling Amy that keeping Chiara in the house will keep the heat off of her, which is bull because Amy will be Chiara's first target, whereas I think Roddy would have gone straight for Danielle. But we still don't know who's gone until tonight. And then there's a new HOH--I'd love to see Danielle and Jason up on the block--I'm so sick of Danielle!
August 21, 2002 10:57pm


Amy has provided the above phone number in case you'd like to contact Chiara after tomorrow night's show. The votes have been tossing back and forth between Roddy and Chiara, which has thrown Amy into a fit, and this morning she confronted Danielle about keeping her word. I'm not sure how it's going to end up--it's a 50/50 toss-up between Roddy and Chiara, but I think I heard Danielle insinuate that she voted with Amy against Chiara. Knowing that I don't want either to win the $500k, but given my new-found sympathy for Chiara and my secret soft-spot for Roddy (he looked pretty hot in Marcellas's shirt at the Sheryl Crow concert), neither eviction would disappoint me over the other.

Tonight's episode was pretty good, so I guess I'll forgive CBS for last Friday's pathetic one-hour segment of airtime. I had heard about the Money Machine/Speedo Food Challenge, and knew it was something I just *had* to see, and I was right. Watching the houseguests stuffing their bathing suits in that cheesy, windy greed machine had me snorting with laughter the whole way through. Gerry was clearly at a disadvantage since he barely fit in the machine, but I'm looking forward to the clips of the orange tree being delivered to his wife. That, and the TV viewers finally caught a glimpse of Gerry's gorilla impression--we catch a lot of it on the Internet, and it gets quite the response.

The man of my house no longer allows me to trash his "girl" Danielle in his presence (I drink a sip whenever Danielle utters a self-glorifying comment in the DR), so it pleases me that CBS is showing Marcellas start to peel away her layers of her deception. I think the final straw broke for me when I started feeling sorry for Chiara for being such a trusting and misguided eff-up, and Danielle coaxed her into revealing her vulnerable self-hating underbelly, and it was only for Danielle's benefit, not Chiara's. I really like Lisa, but she's awfully impressionable and Danielle has indentifed her as her current diligent protege (complete with the "Eyes Open/Mouth Shut" secret hand signal) and I think next week will draw new division lines with either Chiara or Roddy gone. Time will tell...

At this hour, the houseguests have offered to vacate the HRD for the night so Chiara and Roddy can spend their last evening together alone. Roddy's still giving her shit about not respecting him on world-wide Internet and national TV. I wish he'd just let it go because America has its own opinion of Roddy regardless of Chiara, and who wants to spend their last night there getting lectured.
August 20, 2002 11:12pm

I lied. Previously I reported that the Sheryl Crow concert was web-censored, but it's not. My Real One feed is behaving badly, but I think I saw Marcellas shaking it up and Danielle dancing with a beer in her hand. They all seem very psyched to have some alternative human contact.
August 20, 2002 8:52pm

As if Chiara didn't have enough celebrity names to drop, tonight CBS is giving her an up-close Sheryl Crow concert, but we viewers are stuck with the FOH and won't see it until Wednesday's show. As for house happenings, last night Roddy gave her a speech that sounded an awful lot like a break up speech, but Chiara just didn't get it. Roddy is telling her that when he first met her he thought she was really cool (who could forget the after-dark psssting in the HRD that first week) but since then, actions have spoken louder than words, and Chiara has done too much damage (by humping Jason, by nominating him, for not protecting him, by being a general P.I.T.A.) to his reputation and urges her to date other people when they leave the house. Chiara's getting a lot of online ribbing for being so oblivious to Roddy's point, but I think that deep inside she does understand what he was saying, but doesn't want to believe it. This is just the type of verbal shake-up I thought I was hoping for, but I actually felt a moment of pity for BB's favorite remaining slut--it must be hard to be dumped on national TV. As a result, last night Chiara performed an interpretive Big Brother dance to Gerry's bongo playing. I missed it, and I'm sorry I did because it just sounds kinda funny. I believe the main focus of the dance was the Roddy/Chiara/Amy love triangle and hope CBS will feature it in a tomorrow's show.

Most everyone stayed up late last night knowing today would be an all-day lockdown to set up for the Sheryl Crow concert (producers taped the windows shut and everything!) Roddy is sensing his fellow houseguests are gearing to get rid of him, and as of today, he's right. Marcellas, Danielle, Lisa, and now Jason all feel that Roddy has more support than Chiara and are finally accepting the opportunity to oust him. Meanwhile, Marcellas is warning Chiara that some friends are not who they appear to be (read: Danielle) and to pay attention to the tapes when she gets home. My boyfriend Wally said that Chiara should avoid the Internet altogether, and I'm such a sap I'm starting to feel sorry for her. Wally said maybe this will be a pivotal point in her life and she'll evolve into a better person for it. I hope so, but a part of me thinks she may become Monica Lewinsky Jr.--devoid of any respect for the rest of her life. (Then I remembered--lucky for Chiara--that this is Big Brother, not the president of the United States.)
August 19, 2002 8:32pm

I'm trying to catch up from a day off, but keep finding myself behind the eight ball. Chiara is obsessed with the injustice of Amy's return and "called a meeting" with the BB execs to lodge a complaint, which I'm assuming went nowhere since she's still on the block and the person who nominated her is still on the show. Amy wants Chiara gone, but others feel it's best to get rid of Roddy being they were too retarded to get it done the week before. Gerry won POV and Roddy found reasons to discredit each remaining houseguest. Gerry, for once, refused to use his Power of Veto, and Chiara and Lisa swapped spit. Amy and Marcellas are growing ill of Danielle's increasingly exposed "scandalous" plan and aim to keep Roddy another week to use his vote against her. Lisa and Danielle catch wind of Marcellas's dissention and begin to plot against him, which also includes keeping Roddy. Chiara actually thinks people respect her, and still counts on everone's word. Jason continues to use his nice guy act to avoid thinking for himself, with the minor exception of getting angry that Roddy called him untrusting for his vote against Eric. Gerry continues sliding by the seat of his slimy shorts, and still holds my support.
August 17, 2002 8:01pm

Sour Grapes

Looks like Amy nixed her plan to nominate Jason because it's Roddy and Chiara on the block (snicker, snicker.) Chiara has announced that Big Brother is now a white trash show because CBS allowed Amy back and then nominated her (Umm...what about all the Jerry Springer antics the first two weeks...?) Roddy is certain Danielle is behind Amy's decision because no one can beat him in the end. These two are not taking it like the "man" and the "woman" they previously insisted of Amy and Josh. I wish I had a time machine to take me to Thursday night.

Did you know...
Tonya wasn't the only one with fake body parts?
Danielle has 'em too. (Weird, eh?)

August 16, 2002 11:27pm

Don't worry if you missed tonight's episode. Even the occasional BB watcher has seen the same tired clips on this Happy Days-esque cheap flashback show. There was no Nomination Ceremony because Amy doesn't nominate until tomorrow. Tonight's episode sucked, and I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Meanwhile in the house, Chiara is obviously threatened by Amy's HOH power and she's bullying everyone in her 4-foot radius with her negative paranoia. Luckily, Chiara's name is written in ink on Amy's nommie list, but she's still contemplating who will hold slot #2. Marcellas is mildly urging her to nominate Roddy, but she's leaning off Roddy for a number of reasons--One, Amy is cautious of appearing vengeful, and doesn't hold a grudge against Roddy for nominating her when he was HOH. Two, she is sensitive to being nominated, and wants to spare Roddy the stress of being up there two weeks in a row. Three, Amy's victory will come the day Chiara has to watch Amy and Roddy on TV. And four, Roddy has been kissing Amy's ass (as he does everyone) since she walked back into the house, and she's flattered. Amy's holding her head up high in true Amy style, and when she walks out of the house for the second time she wants to be happy with the choices she made and feels Jason will have the votes to stay since only three votes are needed for Chiara's eviction. Still, we won't know for sure if she'll nominate Jason until tomorrow.

Operation Revolving Door has been stirring some controversy that unfortunately leaves us with long FOH periods. Evidently the producers told Amy (and all the other banished houseguests) it was in her very best interest to win the HOH competition, and this has Chiara foaming at the mouth. She's running around whining and crying that the integrity of the game is ruined, but we all know it would be a different story if Eric or Tonya sat the longest in a tub of dead fish parts. Frankly, I'm surprised "integrity" is in Chiara's vocabulary (Roddy must've taught it to her) and hopefully by this time next week there won't be any reporting on Chiara's childish/lewd/vile/inappropriate behavior because she'll be on a bus headed to be reunited with those sorority freaks.

One last note: Tonight Danielle is unusually quiet. I believe she's feeling a little insecure about Amy's choice of nominations, and just now she's barged into the HOH and starts working her to nominate Roddy instead of Jason. Amy told Danielle that her decision is not yet final, that the keys are not yet in the box, which forced Danielle to take the LOW ROAD and tell Amy that Jason "gave" her HOH. Bullshit. Danielle just wants someone to unsuspectingly perform her dirty work and is once again relying on guilt-trip tactics which makes me hope Amy trades Jason's key for hers.
August 15, 2002 10:55pm

"Operation Revolving Door" OVERRULED!

I came home early from a show tonight to catch up on the Tub of Atrocity and was happy to find that Jason didn't want to be known as "the guy who peed in the tub" which left Amy as this week's HOH. I was surprised that so many people had left the tub in only two hours, and I'm not sure about the complete list of chum, but it included dead squids, eels, algae, and cod liver oil. When asked about *how* she can stand sitting in the tub, Amy announced "It bothers me how much this isn't bothering me." It's still too early to get a grasp of Amy's strategy, but Chiara is already getting nervous. Good.

Boy, tonight's show was a blast! Josh presented himself as a decent, good-humored, unvile person. Marcellas's "low-road" comment must've gotten under his skin, because this time around Josh forwent the fire-insurance comment during his goodbye speech and chose a more polite way to go. I was unimpressed the only houseguests who followed him out were Roddy and Jason, but who watching didn't shed an inner "awww" during the Josh/Merritt reunion. I was glad to see that after all the bullshit that he is still loved. I commend CBS's test of commitment for the banished houseguests--I thought it was a creative way to choose who gets back in the house, and I'm really happy Boobs doesn't like PB&J. Lisa really is holding up to the promise to herself to become a sly player with Eric gone, and her paddle vote against him was tonight's icing on the cake. Now I'm hoping that tomorrow's cake includes a nomination for Chiara.
August 15, 2002 9:00pm

Sa-weeeeeet! I was a little upset that the houseguests turned pansy and voted Josh out, but he was a class act the whole way through. But now, with this awesome turn-around with Amy back in the house (voted by LISA even!) hopefully Chiara's anti-Amy cheer she pulled when Amy was evicted will be exposed and she'll look like even more of an loser on national tv. Unfortunately I promised my boyfriend Wally I'd go to his show tonight--I want nothing more than to watch the houseguests catch up with Amy in the squiddy bathtub... More to come tomorrow!
August 14, 2002 10:16pm

Tonight's episode showed the much talked about speech Josh gave at the Power of Veto ceremony. Until tonight I was under the impression his speech was some sort of slobbering plea to stay in the game, and I'm thrilled to find out that it was instead a mega-slam against Chiara. Josh's speech was a pure gold, super-charged rant about Chiara's selfish actions and the fact that she is a scumbag bitch, and if you ask me, it's about time someone said it, even if it was by the one person who has the worst things to say about everybody. I'm even more excited that Danielle and Lisa agreed with Josh's views and plan to strategize accordingly. It was a real hoot watching footage of Lisa and Dani consoling Chiara in the HOH mixed with DR clips of them both saying "she's out!" I just hope she takes that God-awful pink 80s shirt with her. Like Daddy always said, Chiara puts the ho in HOH. She's gotta go.

Today houseguests casted their votes, and I'm still hoping against hope that they'll vote out Roddy. I think CBS edited tonight's show to steer us in that direction, but I'm still not sure. I probably won't gain many friends by saying this, but I don't think Josh is that bad. Ever since he got choked up when Danielle didn't veto him when he was nominated the second week, I thought he's just a sad and confused kid who works hard to succeed. Sure, we saw him getting excessively gushy tonight, and I was even beginning to wonder if he used crocodile tears for persuasive reasons, but then they showed that one image of Josh crying alone in the toilet room and it made me feel sad for him again. The longer I watch Roddy, the more I get sick of his frat brother good-guy "keep your chin up, kid, you know I care about you, right" reasoning which adds up to little more than bullshit. Roddy works just about everyone in that house with flattery and ass-kissing in hopes of winning their votes if he makes it to the end. Being nominated this week has been hard on him--I don't think he's been sleeping because he looks like pasty, bloodshot hell which is a clear indication he is in this game to win cash, not friends. Which is fine, but I hope these people realize that Josh is far from the only liar and schemer in the house.

I'm not positive if Big Brother told the houseguests this, but they seem to believe there won't be an HOH competition after tomorrow night's eviction, which makes sense since tomorrow is the Evicted Houseguest competition. Chiara, Jason, Marcellas, Roddy, and Gerry have been discussing "Operation Revolving Door" which basically involves nominating and evicting the returning houseguest once he or she returns. We'll see...
August 13, 2002 4:30pm

If you've found yourself on this page and happen to be a South Park fan, there's no missing the fun of the BB3 Ranch at GalacticCowgirl.com. This website's clever creators use South Park to chide the irony (and stupidity!) of our favorite BB houseguests, and they're among the best Big Brother parodies I've seen. Be sure to catch the BB2 cartoons, too!
August 12, 2002 9:15pm

Roddy seems to be a little uncomfortable about being nominated, but his discomfort doesn't hold a candle to Josh's neuroses. It's hard to imagine what Josh has been thinking this whole time because he's been pretty obnoxious, but being on the block against Roddy has turned him into a different sort of five-year-old. Josh has separated himself from the group and decides to eat alone outside or in the Tiki room. On Sunday, Lisa won the Power of Veto and the Veto ceremony took place today. Lisa chose not to veto either Roddy or Josh, and evidently Josh made some sort of plea that struck all the houseguests the wrong way. Since the Nomination and Power of Veto ceremonies only air on CBS, we'll have to wait to see how pathetic Josh behaved during the meeting.

It also seems the houseguests are re-thinking the possiblity of voting Roddy out on Thursday which mostly bothers me because Chiara doesn't need her ego stroked by having her plan executed successfully. Chiara has been treating this experience as if it's summer camp with her best and only strategy is taking part in a popularity contest. All she deserves are the grimaces she'll receive at the mall from BB viewers after she gets ejected from the house--with no Caribbean vacation.
August 10, 2002 2:51pm

I'll be out of town tonight and will be taping tonight's show but won't have a commentary until later tomorrow. So far today's events have been pretty interesting. Only five people will be voting this week (Danielle, Lisa, Marcellas, Jason, and Gerry), so that means only three votes are needed to get kicked out. Chiara's enormous miscalculation is going to explode in her face as I am 99.9% sure Danielle/Marcellas/Jason will vote Roddy out. Gerry may suffer a conflict of ethics, but he could probably be swayed. Lisa is coming to her senses after learning that Chiara voted against her last week, is now recontemplating her Couples allegiance. Chiara walked in on a conversation between Lisa, Danielle, and Marcellas and started complaining that Roddy wouldn't trash Josh either behind or in front of him, and "thank God they only have 5 more days of Josh." This will be so hilarious if the five who are voting can let on as if they're voting for Josh, but come Thursday Julie Chen announces "By a vote of Five to Zero...Roddy, you are evicted from the house." Chiara would freak out. She even told Roddy that if by some freak of nature he was voted out, she'd walk out with him. I don't think she would, and I hope she doesn't because I have to admit I'll enjoy her subsequent guilt and paranoia. Better yet, being HOH this week makes Chiara ineligable for HOH next week, and they're already talking about nixing her next week. The only way this plan may not pan out would be if the gods worked against us good-natured Americans and placed Chiara's ally and fellow ho Tonya back in the house, and then immediately won the HOH competition. The possiliblty is so distressing that I have to keep reminding myself of the odds. The odds, Rachel, the odds....
Did you know...
Each week Josh asks the Head of Household to place his key in the first "safe" spot of the nomination box saying it is a special secret code between him and his girlfriend, Merritt. Merritt is a staunch Josh supporter, but when asked about this secret code she admits she has no idea what Josh is talking about. Evidently this is a device used by Josh to save himself from panicked sweat throughout the nomination ceremony.
August 9, 2002 11:56pm

Playing with Fire

Whoa, events are a-churnin'. Chiara is this week's HOH and Friday is nomination day. Chiara acted on her own accord (for once) and decided her nominations were the no-brainer choice, Josh and the own love-of-her-life, RODDY. She made this decision after polling all the houseguests for their word that their vote would go to evict Josh, but Roddy's now feeling more insecure than we've ever seen him. Chiara is dumb enough not to notice that 2-3 of the decoys this year have been evicted, but she believes her "Hottie" is so popular, there's no way Josh will leave without a unanimous vote against him. Even more bizarre is that Roddy, who has been pulling Chiara's strings for a month now, said before nominations that there was no way he could change her mind. Just about every nominated houseguest before the Lisa/Eric nomination had been the subject of criticism for their behavior after being nominated--that Lori, Marcellas, Tonya, Josh, and Amy were either a decoy and to not worry, or were so unliked that they should suck up their attitudes and not make anyone else's week miserable. By the third week houseguests started building relationships and with Roddy crowned HOH, all in the Couples Alliance felt high enough on their horses to trot around invincibly. By week four, Ol' Ger had the balls to nominate two of the Beautiful Four and you'd think someone took Eric and Lisa's lollipops away, and Gerry was still the object of disrespect and ridicule. This time it's Roddy's turn to realize the psychological torment of being on the block (by his own girlfriend's hand, no less), and I'm thinking (hoping) he may self-destruct.

Before I left for dinner tonight, Josh felt he had no chances of winning against Roddy and threatened to press the Panic Button and leave. Somebody (Roddy or CBS, I'm not sure) convinced him to stay, and now that I'm back from dinner, I'm finding Danielle has wasted no time sinking her claws into the underground conspiracy to oust the high-competitor Roddy. I'm not the biggest Danielle fan, but I applaud this effort and expect, or at least hope, it to pull through. The crowd is getting smaller and the game is getting nastier. Watching Danielle convince Marcellas that Roddy has to be the next evicted reminded me of watching mobsters in a movie discussing a whack job--but even better, this is real life.
August 8, 2002 9:02pm

I don't know where to begin. There are so many pros, cons, and what-ifs to tonight's episode it's mind boggling. I'm psyched Lisa won out over the tres-unsuspecting Eric, but particularly unpsyched Chiara won HOH and all its benefits. I'm psyched over the prospect of Lori or Amy coming back into the house (and becoming potential nerd-school allies), but dreading the possiblility Tonya and Eric may drudge their bad attitudes back in. This week is bound to host bunches of drama, and I for one am curious to see if Lisa will hold true to her brilliant analogy and become a heartless player with Eric gone--especially once/if she discovers Chiara voted against her. It's pointless for houseguests to lobby with Chiara pre-nominations because Li'l Miss "Girl Power" will only do what Roddy instructs her to do. I'm a little sad over Eric's departure only for the sleep-talking thing, and that he was the only one who cared for the lizards and their tank, but it doesn't mean I hope he comes back. It was nice to see Amy having fun on that beach, and I'm interested in seeing Lori get another try.
August 8, 2002 12:42pm

Woe is Danielle

For a while there Danielle seemed to be "wowed" by how many of the houseguests had traveled outside the United States, and how many celebrities they had met (Chiara is quite the name-dropper). It struck me as somewhat out of character for Danielle to be impressed with someone else's experiences, until it dawned on me that she's trying to make a point that she has no money. Add the "Woe Is Me" strategy to Danielle's large satchel of plans to win the "500 G's" and houseguests are beginning to sniff the stench of it. In the HRD last night with Marcellas and Lisa, Danielle announced that her family had to take out a loan to cover her time away from work, and that she wasn't even sure her boss would even offer Danielle her job back after the show, and that if she were to be evicted before the final 2, her first action would be to apologize to her husband for letting the family down. What a load of crap, says Marcellas, and doesn't believe she applied for a loan--Lisa said Danielle's claiming poverty made her uncomfortable. I'm sure that Danielle's aim is to spread the seed that she needs cash, but I sometimes wonder if she's hoping others might altogether forfeit the game so they can carry on with their charmed lives, leaving Danielle to start hers. I'm all for the best person winning, but this is playing dirty and makes me hope she stops relying on fake sympathy FAST.

August 7, 2002 10:29pm

Tonight's episode mostly recapped what those with live feeds have already seen with a few exceptions. Eric's lively sleeptalking was replaced with Danielle's bone-shattering teeth grinding--I knew that she grinds her teeth at night, but who knew it was to this degree? Sheez! We got to witness Chiara's supremely weak speech at the Power of Veto ceremony, saw more footage of Eric and Lisa's nighttime lovey-doveyness, and found out that Josh was lurking outside the HOH room when Eric approached Gerry to bash Josh. But I thought the best part of the show were the final words of the episode said by Lisa in the Diary Room. Lisa said that if Eric leaves, he will take her heart with her, which will leave her heartless, and she will finally be able to become a mega bitch and wreak havoc in order to win the game. She may have been thinking of Gerry at the time she said this, but I'd love to see her turn around and realize what a sorry player/person Chiara is and make her life hell. Unfortunately the chances of Lisa staying past tomorrow are slim, and part of me believes that she'd be able to pull off this vengeance as much as I believe that Marcellas will avenge Amy's eviction...but it's nice to think that she might have.

August 6, 2002 10:50pm

Not much going on in the BB house tonight. Lisa thinks that CBS is angry with Gerry for ruining the show's ratings by splitting her and Eric with their eviction nominations. (Note to Lisa: Get over yourself!) Josh is still pissing everyone off by making deals with each person in the house. Roddy cuts off Chiara's diatribe about being popular in high school by pointing out some boring astronomy facts.

Strategy-wise, Danielle is working overtime as usual. I think she's beginning to regret giving her "stronger than oak" word to Chiara and is looking for a way out of it, and has come up with a good plan. In the interest of saving time (it's getting late on the East Coast) rather than rehashing the whole scenerio, I'm going to cut-and-paste the Live Feed Update posted by Romie over at BigBrotherLive3.com.

The plan all along was to have this be a tiebreaker so that Gerry would cast the deciding vote and become the target for breaking up the couples and the beautiful 4 the original thought was dani-marcellus-chiara would evict Eric roddy-josh-jason would evict Lisa now Jason was going to vote to evict Lisa to A. force the tie B. show Roddy that he voted the way he (Roddy) wanted him to

Well Roddy didn't want Gerry to have any power so he needed to get the vote to be 4-2 and not a tie breaker...so he told Chiara that Lisa was going to come after her something that he heard from josh (lie)....in doing this he confused and misled chiara and chiara has been saying that she's going to evict lisa....so now the vote would have been

dani-marc vote out eric
roddy-josh-jason-chiara vote out lisa

when this happened...dani and jason talked and jason's vote had to change to force that tie breaker but there was no way they intended to tell Roddy who it was that screwed up his plan...they figured that he would assume it was Josh since Josh is in cohoots with Gerry ....

so now the deal is

dani-marc-jason vote out Eric
roddy-chiara-josh vote out Lisa
and back to the tie breaker in which it is believed...Gerry evicts Eric

Now Danielle knows that if its 3-3 who voted with her (marc and jason) her plan is to tell chiara that she is happy that she didn't vote out lisa (securing Jason...making chiara think it wasn't jason who voted out eric)...she is waiting to see if Chiara says i just couldn't do it this way she will have caught her in a lie. Of course if Eric goes 4-2 then Chiara did what she should have done...either way...this is going to come down on josh's head i assume, b/c Roddy believes Jason is in his pocket.

Velly eenteresting...
Danielle has also said that if she wins HOH on Thursday that she will nominate Chiara and Roddy and if either one is saved by veto, she will nominate Josh. So for Gerry's sake, I hope Danielle earns the HOH this week, and for my sake, I hope she wins HOH so we don't have to watch her bitching all week long about how she didn't win HOH.

Did you know...
At NY bars, Eric places his Fire Department badge on the outside of his wallet in hopes of getting get free drinks when he doesn't even belong to the NYFD. Booooooo, Shame!

August 5, 2002 9:45pm

Chiara must be Italian for Needy because this girl is insane. I kinda wish she won the letter from home because somebody needs to tell her to stop making such a mess of herself on TV. She just spent an hour whining to Roddy about how she hates it when he's tired, and gee, how she's sorry for keeping him up all night, and I don't know how Roddy holds back the urge to strangle her. Obviously Roddy is using Chiara, and his controlling techniques are getting kind of creepy. Today was the Power of Veto meeting,(Spoiler Alert!) and Chiara of course chose not to use it for fear her personal Jim Jones would be nominated instead. What's worse is now Roddy is using his condescending madman reasoning to brainwash Chiara into believing that Lisa now wants vengeance and that it's in her best interest to vote Lisa out on Thursday. Not two seconds later Chiara started blabbing about how fun it will be when she brings Roddy home to meet the parents. I just want to shake this idiot and her stupid belief that Roddy cares for her beyond being a tool to win himself $500,000. Ucch.
August 4, 2002 9:35pm

Jason won this week's America's Choice contest and received a letter from home. My boyfriend was wondering if the letter would be hand-written by God.

August 4, 2002 11:45am

Are you a closet Gerry fan? Did you cheer when Eric's math figured Amy, Lori, and Tonya to be each seven and a half feet tall? Do you admire Gerry for teaching handicapped kids? Do you embarrass yourself by playing dress-up theatre in front of others, or do you admire Gerry for being able to survive 4 weeks in a house full of people who can't stand him? Do you skip the sink after the loo, too? If you've mumbled "uh, yeah...?" to any of these questions, please consider joining Gerry's Yahoo Fan Club and show your support for this year's biggest and baldest uber-underdog, Gerry. (Don't worry--you don't have to use your real name.)

August 3, 2002 9:34pm

Kissing Snakes

Tonight's episode showed Installment 2 of Eric's sleep-talking, and even if some of his dreams creeped Lisa out a bit, I'm hoping the editors plan to keep running this segment (but they can spare the Josh comments.) This week Eric dreamed of kissing snakes, pointed to "Hey, that guy over there!" and scared Lisa by claiming it was someone's time to die. The second funniest moment tonight I have to hand over to Bible Boy's double-fisted Twinkie eating method for the food eating contest--I didn't think he had it in him! I think Big Brother held this week's food competition it his back pocket for when it was Gerry's turn moderate; after watching Gerry scoff popcorn in the HOH room, it's clear that having Gerry on either side of this eating competition would have been an unfair advantage.

Currently at the house, houseguests are scurrying about now that Gerry has called the most controversial nominations yet. Gerry's getting a lot of flack for not nominating Josh for eviction, but when Roddy chose to ingore his chance to get rid of Josh just last week, no one said a word. The house pretends that strategies are gender-based, that it's Boys vs. Girls, but in reality it's Good-Looking vs. Not, and Gerry is king of the Nots and it makes everyone feel like they can bully him around. Today was the Power of Veto competition and (Spoiler Alert!) Chiara won. Gerry really only has two options for nominations if Chiara uses the Power to save Lisa, and those options are Josh and Roddy. The chances are too great that Roddy may be evicted that it's unlikely Chiara will use the power--which is good for Gerry because it'll take the heat off of him and onto Chiara, and it would also save Gerry from more bullying-around in the event he nominated Roddy over Josh.
August 3, 2002 1:40am

Late night nomination night happenings lead me to believe that Lisa may not be as stump-dumb as I originally thought. Now that she is on the chopping block with her boyfriend, she's forced into exhibiting non-panicked intelligent thought--as she's hashing out plans with Eric, it seems to me that she's the better strategist. Her primary focus is to incorporate her allies to win the Power of Veto save either Lisa or Eric, and to put Josh up, leaving the house to most likely vote their favorite weasel out. One things for sure, Lisa and Eric are a team-effort relationship based on mutual respect, and are probably the only reality-tv couple who could ever exist outside the show. (Sorry, Chiara.)

Did You Know...
Gerry once had to fire a teacher when Special Ed. students complained she didn't bathe enough?

And the school kept Gerry??? I label that P for Pe-cuuu-li-ar...

August 2, 2002 9:42pm

Eric and Lisa: Together Forever?

All that time alone last week must've given Gerry enough time to think about who he would nominate if he won HOH, because he didn't seem to fret much during the day, and now an hour after the non-webcasted nominations, it seems that Eric and Lisa are the two on the block. As the house is dividing into a 5-4 ratio, I don't forsee any non-couple member to exercise the Power of Veto, and Roddy would certainly advise Chiara not to use it, so it looks like this MFEO couple is splitzoid next Thursday. Too bad...but it's probably for the best for Lisa to go and attend to that horrendous bug bite on her ass (what a nightmare!) There is a chance, however, that Josh may use the Power to veto Eric, and Chiara seems to be looking ahead at this possiblity and has been spending time in the HOH room with Gerry and also alone with Gerry's U2 cd. Even though it's obvious her sudden pseudo-buddying with Gerry is for selfish reasons, it's a nice change from watching Gerry forcing himself into conversations, cloaked in odd towel costumes and spouting off Shakespeare lines that no one cares about (including Gerry since he rarely gets them right.)

My guess is that Lisa's Audi 5000 this week. Like Amy said, "they're picking women out of this house like fireflies."

August 2, 2002 8:44am

Have you noticed that houseguests have no longer been met by their families upon eviction? What's up with that? Last night Julie promised us another Big Brother Shake-Up that's bound to send "shock waves" through the house. After learning that Tonya is sequestered in Los Angeles, I'm guessing there's gonna be some sort of challenge to get one of the priorly evicted guests back into the house. It's an old tactic used by reality shows, and if you ask me, it's lame. The last thing anyone needs is more tacky stories from the boob job mom, and I can only hope the other houseguests agree.

August 1, 2002 9:12

The Old Guy got it! Old Ger may have been out of the loop for a while, but he payed well enough attention to fellow houseguests to lead in this week's HOH competition. I was sweating it for a while when he and Eric ran neck-in-neck for seemingly endless minutes--the results of either win would vary dramatically...and had Eric won HOH, the outcome would have been disastrous for the not-so-Beautiful People. I'm listening to the live feeds now just moments following the HOH competition, and I'll say there's some *major* ass-kissing going on. Not only can Gerry now sleep in peace in his Darth Vader mask, but he can finally enjoy the supreme power of the BB house. Because Gerry effed it up so much the first week, I don't think he's in the market for betraying bonds when it's still rather early in the game, so it's not in his best interest to nominate Roddy or Josh--but he has been heard saying that he needs to break up the couples. I've heard him saying that he wanted to go for Eric and Lisa first, but I think the better choice would be to nominate Eric and Chiara, who are 1/2 of the BP, but opposite halves, and it would cause chaos for their psyche (look at what happened between Marcellas and Amy) and Chiara is sure to crack, and I believe she would be the one evicted if the choice is Eric and Chiara. Still, there's the Power of Veto, but I honestly can only fathom Lisa using it to probably veto Eric. I could see Roddy throwing the Power of Veto competition so he would not have to face the responsibility of choosing between his girlfriend and his best bud--But if Lisa *did* win the Power of Veto to save Eric, then that leaves Gerry forced to nominate another houseguest, and I don't know if he would nom Roddy or not. I guess that's all I'll say until Gerry's nominations are confirmed.

Also tonight, I don't think many people were surprised that Amy was evicted--It was a done deal the moment Roddy said it was time for her to leave. What surprised me was Amy's touching, well-scripted parting speech. Last week was one of the toughest of her life, but she finished it with a perfect blend of grace and humility, and I trust that she believes the experience has formed her into a better person. Tonight's episode of course featured the infamous fight between Amy and Marcellas (My boyfriend caught it live, I only got to read the transcript on the Live Feed Updates on Bigbrotherlive3.com) and Julie Chen kept pressing the issue, but what Amy said was true: that it was a 5-minute blowup between the two, and my guess is that Amy's accustomed to arguments, because she forgives rather quickly. What CBS didn't mention was the springboard for the argument--it started as some houseguests started to contemplate donating some sympathy votes for Amy, and the number of sympathy voters grew enough to become a threat to Marcellas, until Roddy and Eric convinced the others that all the votes must go to save Marcellas in order to hammer in the point that Marcellas was a decoy. By earning all the votes to stay, Marcellas would trust Roddy more (because Roddy keeps reiterating to Marcellas that he "cares for him deeply." Please!) I must say, Marcellas has kinda let me down this week by being vocal about being bitchy over Amy's plausible insecurities. As a result, this week I'm rooting for Gerry.

July 31, 2002 10:10pm

Jesus Loves a Schemer

As a BB3 live feed subscriber, the best aspect of watching the CBS broadcasts is to peek into the Diary Room entries. Tonight's episode makes me think that Danielle will be the big winner in the game. I don't agree that her strategy is sent straight from and supported by Jesus (last I remember his goal was to love thy neighbor, not scheme against thy neighbor for large amounts of money), and I don't think that her technique is as unnoticeable as she thinks it is, but no doubt about it, she running strong right now. Until tonight I hadn't known that Danielle and Jason shared a hidden alliance--Danielle clearly has spear-headed this alliance and the brilliance behind being as Jason is a puppy who will follow anyone who tells him to. But lucky for Jason, he's *just* smart enough to recognize Danielle as the fierce and wily competitor that she is, and is wise to follow her lead. As of today, I'm really glad that Danielle is in the house as an example of an American woman who can think and act for herself, as opposed to one who spends her days wondering who would provide the cutest babies and what to name them.

July 31, 2002 12:08pm

Hey wow! Check out the Rachel's BB3 Blog props over at AmyCrews.com. If you're addicted to this site, and fear it may wither away to nothing after Thursday, FEAR NOT, because Megan is planning to launch a Marcellas site after Amy's eviction. Hurrah! But in the meantime, take a moment to slobber up your screen and give Bucky a big ol' kiss for Amy.
July 30, 2002 7:12pm

This is the much dreaded Front of House (a.k.a. "FOH" or "FOTH"). It seems innocent enough, but I think it's fair to say that feed subscribers hate this image. Why? Because CBS pops it up every time they don't want us to see or hear something because they're afraid they might get sued. Unfortunately this happens A LOT and as a result, online viewers ~cringe~ everytime Amy gets tipsy and sings copywrited songs, or whenever Tonya shouted out her boyfriend's phone number, or when they talk incessantly about a best friend who didn't sign the waiver, because it's only a matter of time before that stupid image pops up with the stupid BB theme music re-re-re-re-and-replaying on a horribly designed continuous play cycle (the only saving grace in the situation is that producers dropped the 80s-esque saxophone introduction of the first season.) Insult to injury: if the FOH pops up on one feed, it pops up on all feeds. It'll make you wish you'd savored that begrudgingly boring Jason-Danielle card game, or counted the beads of sweat Gerry leaked over the elliptical machine. Yup, it's *that* aggrivating.

July 30, 2002 4:30pm

Phew! I feel a lot better about Gerry's teaching situation in the fall. Apparently Gerry teaches Special Ed. for severely out-of-it children. I'm sure he'll have to dodge some spitballs in the hallway, but in class, he may still be able to muster up a teensy bit of respect.

July 30, 2002 2:20pm

Oh no! I just learned that Will Kirby's NBC reality show Love Shack is getting bumped to mid-season rather than its original August premiere. How could they? Well, after reading the show's specs, I kinda understand why. Do you?

July 29, 2002

The Houseguests:

Amy I *love* Amy. I'm an Amy fan. I originally knew I liked Amy because she wasn't a part of The Beautiful People, but I hadn't realized I was a fan until I came across her Fan Page (which, incidentally also earns my vote for best BB3 fan site.) Amy gets a lot of flack for her selfishness and twangy Southern accent, but AmyCrews.com makes it clear that behind that voice and bitchiness, there's a lot of class and wit to be read between the lines. Check out the Amy-ims of the site and see what I'm talking about. Yeah, there's that little problem with alcohol, but this girl's a lot more clever than the houseguests are giving her credit for.
I hooked onto the live Internet feeds on Monday, July 22--12 days into the BB3 summer, and that first feed-filled Monday taught me what I had been missing the past two years of Big Brother fandom. NOTHING could be more Fun and Glamorous than the interaction between Amy and Marcellas. I will miss this dynamic when Amy gets kicked out this Thursday (invitable) =(
(Note to E!: Stop employing that bag Anna Nicole Smith and pick up this hilariously witty gruesome twosome for a gossip show to *die* for!)

Chiara nicknamed the cute "Ki-Ki" by houseguests, the not-so-cute "Chi-whore-a" by Amy, and the amusing "ChiaSlut" by internet chatroomers. I didn't mind Chiara until I read about her lame-ass antics on the BigBrotherLive3.com live feed updates. This "tough" Manhattanite is brilliant enough to come up with a code to discuss with whom she shares her trampiness outside the house (houseguests are not allowed to talk about people who either refused to or never signed a waiver) but not brilliant enough to realize that she explained the code out loud, and that her "dirty little secret" is all over the net. It's not even that interesting, but if you want to know: Chiara is whoring around with Roger Silverstein, who is evidently the millionaire son of some guy who has a lease on the World Trade Center. Roger's married with two kids, and gives Chiara jewelry. Early in the game Chiara was worried she'd lose her sugar-daddy due to her silly exploits (read: peanut butter bikini, shower sluttiness, etc) even though he's got other girlfriends in addition to Chiara....but recently, she seems more interested in what Roddy thinks of her. Chiara's best friend in the house was recently-evicted Vegas "mom" Tonya who had her chest enlarged A LOT just five weeks prior to the show. Wally says Chiara should have done the same. Chiara also got busted with OUI when in California during the BB3 auditions. But since Amy has a similar checkered past, I'll let it go.

Danielle (aka "Dani") My boyfriend is a Danielle supporter. She's not part of the Beautiful People, she doesn't cow-tow to Roddy's manipulative smarts and good looks, she's not a peanut-butter bikini-wearing twinkie, she's a strong, black woman.
I can't stand her. I can only imagine that Wally watches the feeds as she's getting ready for bed and subsequently passed out, because when I watch them in the day/early evening, I find it difficult to capture a feed where Danielle doesn't barge in on conversation. Everyone (EV-ER-Y-ONE, meaning the houseguests, the viewers, and the Internet chatters/posters) has grown tired of Josh and his Joshy paranoia and stressed-out way of playing the game. All these same everyones also complain that Josh has a hard time discussing anything but strategy. It's a mystery to my why they don't hold the same complaints for Danielle. Danielle (as she evidently prefers to be called...Danielle often refers to herself in the third person)believes that she's to win the game by being "innocent as a dove, sly like a snake." Danielle has a high opinion of her danself. Danielle likes to tell others what they should think of everyone else, including themselves. Danielle is a little too proud for my tastes. However, I think that she may actually have Roddy fooled, and if it were between Danielle, Jason, Chiara, or Lisa, I would vote for Danielle to win. She most deserves the life $1/2 million would provide.

Eric I think Eric is a doll. Yeah, he's part of The Beautiful People, and we hate The Beautiful People, but I think that beyond the brawn and lack of brains, Eric is a sweet guy. Eric can melt my heart whenever he talks about his family--how he's proud of his dad, the retired school custodian, and you just know that he comes from humble beginnings. Eric plays a lot of chess (and I have a suspicion that he's a better player than Roddy), likes PB&J as much as he did as a kid, earns the FUNNIEST BB3 MOMENT for last weeks show clip of his sleep-talking habits. I'm hoping that this highly entertaing bit appears on the Internet somewhere...To let those in who didn't catch the show--Eric doesn't mumble in his sleep; instead he speaks in fully audible sentences that must make sense in his slumber, but not much elsewhere. I imagine it's a chuckler for even non-BB3 viewers.
Eric's weakness is that he's becoming Roddy's bitch. He's not alone in this bunch of Roddy's bitches, but it's coming to a point that he realizes he's not as smart as Roddy (or as smart as Roddy tells everyone he is) and he's caught in a treadwheel just trying to mentally keep up. Physically, I think Eric could kick Roddy's ass, but I can't imagine a scenerio that would come down to that level. Eric also has a problem hiding his intolerance for Josh, which is also a hint that he isn't as two-faced as he needs to be to win this game. Eric is coupled up with Lisa, and I believe that he genuinely likes her, and I think they make a cute couple. Even if they're Beautiful.

Gerry Oh, God. Gerry. Gerry doesn't have a lot of fans, but he has more fans than I would have originally thought. That is, if you can call sympathizers "fans." I'm thankful that CBS edits much of the Gerry bashing that runs rampid on the Internet feeds, because I find much of it mean-spirited and cruel (Can you say Hand-Washing???) Gerry is the oldest houseguest by a longshot and has just as much a chance of winning as Marcellas has popping Jason's cherry. Gerry is BB's third "old guy" who may convince CBS to stop bringing in the Old Guy, and that makes me sad, because I'm tired of American obsession with youth and beauty, and I'd hate to see it exiled from one of the only venues that fat old people can participate on primetime tv. It may seem surprising that Gerry is still on board week three, but Roddy the Manipulator will retain Old Ger long enough to rid other desenters and other Non Beautiful People. Frankly, it's painful watching Gerry's solitude, watching Gerry during Ab Class, and watching Gerry eff up by saying something stupid whenever a snot lowers him or herself enough to talk to him. Gerry does have some Internet support that I hope he can tap into before school starts in the Fall. Either that, or I hope he retires.

Jason is the Messiah. This year's virgin is one due to his Bible Belt upbringing. He seems nice. People on the chatrooms sometimes get mad when I say he's boring. But he is! I don't care about how kind-hearted and moral he is---I thought Brittney from BB1 was a kind-hearted, moral virgin, but her schtick didn't rely on the sheltered bullshit that Jason's touting ALL THE TIME. Plus, he's got a mad crush on Chiara who won't stop toying with the guy because he's never dipped in a disease-infested receptile such as herself. Ok, well, maybe she's not that bad, but the fact that Virgin-Boy is falling for her and doesn't realize she's treating him like a tool in much the same way Roddy is playing her. Plus, Jason is just about as socially awkward as Gerry. Jason is horrible with conversation, and is too "concerned" with other's feelings, which if you watch him long enough, you'll begin to notice that he's more concerned with his own image, and passive-aggressively points out other people's faults to make him appear more squeaky clean. The more I contemplate Jason, the more I think he's a farce. I've never trusted God-Squadders. Whether or not Jason is for real, he's going to have to reveal his dark underbelly soon or else he's gonna choke. Jason doesn't have the brains it takes to win this game on his own. However, if someone takes him along for the ride, and it's quite possible that both Roddy and Danielle would carry him, he'd have a decent chance of winning second place if not first. Jason is wildly popular. And boring.

Josh Oh boy, here's a loose cannon. Josh showed up day one trying to be Will, not noticing that he neither has Will's smarts nor Will's charisma. One thing's for sure, Josh came to play this game. Problem is, he's all over the map, and I have a hard time even understanding what he's talking about because he's making and breaking deals left and right and pissing everyone off with his paranoia and his scheming. Wally and I were flabberghasted the first week while watching Josh take torch with the first lead, but has steadily fallen as his true personality reared its ugly head. The funny thing is that as the houseguests grow to hate him, I grow to not be so annoyed by him (I can't go as far to say "I like him.") I'm not fooled to think he's *not* a weasel, but Josh really works his ass off to stay in this game--I felt really bad for him when he got choked up when Danielle chose not to use her Power of Veto to save him--but he turned it around, and just like Marcellas said, sometimes pure will can get you what you want. Josh campaigned against the supposed pawn Tonya the second week, and he's still there. He's not going to win, but he's still there.

Lisa lost Wally's respect the first week when she chose to follow Josh's lead during the first week as she was Head of Household. Upon the first week, I thought that Lisa was going to have an L.A. girl edge to her, but when she heard Josh scheming against her, and didn't act out against it when she should have, I decided she was dumb. Lisa is 1/4 of the Beautiful People, with Eric, and by law I'm supposed to not like her, but I kinda do. For someone so skinny and pretty and from L.A., I think Lisa is a fairly down-to-earth person, and I find it refreshing. Not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, and she doesn't quite realize that a lot of people think she's looking kinda slutty on the Internet, I feel like Lisa is just going with her feelings, allows other people to influence her, but doesn't shut herself off completely any side, and doesn't quite understand the consequences of her behavior on nationial tv. She's just kinda dumb. But sweet. And dumb.

Lori was the first evicted houseguest, and it's not out of anyone's scope of understanding as to why. Lori was the house's smalltown girl and probably was Gerry's best bet of having a buddy, except she got kicked out, and it's kinda Gerry's fault because she was kinda-sorta sticking up for him in a crazy public kinda-way. I don't think anyone really misses her other than Gerry. Amy made a good point upon her (second, and most-likely last) nomination that she was not going to change her ways during her final week in the house...that she was going to remain herself, because Lori went about her own final week trying to be friendly and getting along with everyone, and everyone *still* calls her crazy. I love Amy. Lori was alright. I guess.

Marcellas is DA BOMB. I rarely use that term, and Marcellas would probably cringe to hear something so dated, but he is a huge reason why I'm such a huge BB3 fan. I hate Gerry-bashing, but I can't help bust a gut whenever Marcellas critiques "Jabba the Hut's malformed doughy things" (i.e. Gerry's pancakes)and countless other horrible things he says about the poor guy. Marcellas is brilliant with the one-liners, but hasn't a chance in hell of making it to the final four. He doesn't seem to be using any brains to contemplate stategy, he's too busy focusing on and fantasizing about the Beautiful Boys of the house. A huge Marcellas plus, he does stick up for the Underdog--He refused to succomb to Danielle's plan to oust Gerry with her Power of Veto, and he vehemently stuck up for his girl, Amy, when Boobs attacked her. Marcellas #1

Roddy aka "Boy Wonder" and Roddy the Hottie--the cunning ringleader of this group and they're too stupid to call him on it. Well, they're starting to come around, but Roddy is clearly running the show here at week three. He's current HOH and has Eric, Chiara, Josh, Gerry, possibly Jason wrapped around his finger. As a viewer, Roddy's biggest mistake was to woo Chiara the first week because now we all have to watch her freak out and suffocate him constantly. Roddy is complex, but it's hard to decipher *just* how complex. I keep going back and forth...sometimes I don't think he's as smart as he tells everyone he is...The booksmarts that everyone Wows over seems fairly pedestrian to me, but I think he's good at commanding respect out of this people and even though Eric may play a better game of chess on the board, Roddy is clearly skilled at playing these houseguests as pieces of the game. Though I hate that he's getting rid of Amy, I think that his choice for nominations (Amy/Marcellas) was a masterstroke that I had not contemplated, and his nomination speech only illustrates my point. This will be the first week of BB3 that the decoy will stay as decoy and not get the boot....Because Roddy says so.

Tonya known on the Internet as "Boobs." I don't have much good to say about Tonya except that she's gone.

July 29, 2002

Ok, so this year's game has been in effect for 20 days. I've had the feeds for 7 days. F&G members Kristen, Shirley, and Becky share my fondness for Big Brother, and probably can appreciate my obessesion with the voyeur series. I've been hooked since critics akinned the experience of watching Big Brother 1 to watching paint dry. Big Brother's first run had none of the flashiness, fanfare, or popularity of the mega-hit Survivor and that was part of the reason I liked it. On Big Brother, you didn't have to be young, beautiful, and full of self-esteem to be on tv--and Josh's boyish charm, George's infuriating obnoxiousness, Brittany's virginity, and Jamie's Miss Washington-sized physique/narcissism had me captivated six nights a week. Yes, even when they were watching the paint dry.

CBS wouldn't swallow that a world-wide hit would suck so bad in the US, so they gave the flounder another chance. Year two, Big Brother ushered in a new producer to shake things up. Arnold Shapiro took away the AOL lady (I kinda liked her, but as I've read, I was in a minority), and took away the viewers option to vote. I've yet to come across the actual reason why viewers were yanked the right to vote, but I can speculate a couple of reasons. Until recently, I felt most likely to believe that during year one, five houseguests held a five-way tie for eviction. Popular Brittany and Chicken George held two spaces in this tie. As Brittany was popular (she was kinda kooky, sure--but kookily adorable) and George was frigging annoying, he didn't hold much of a chance to winning the outcome seeing as the public voted. But who you root for can be (woefully) influenced by hometown pride, and George's wife staged a campaign to keep her precious chicken man in by voting Brit out. She found a sponser to pay for the pay-per-calls, and lo and behold, Brit lost to the others and was ousted unfairly.

My Hunny gets credit for the other school of thought as to why the change in the voting process. Once you vote to evict your own, the game becomes that much more evil. This makes a lot of sense, for the simple fact that it makes for a lot of good tv...and anyone who watched the first BB knows that there was a hell of a lot of politeness going on. Even as a fan, it got rather, uh, boring. Year two also brought in the older 20's-mid 30's single crowd who were supposedly more secure with themselves to be bold enought to jump at sexual situations when they felt the urge. This worked, obviously, with Will and Shannon. Drunk Krista allowed Justin to get awfully close with that knife, and down the road boogied a little with Chilltown's other member Mike. Before long, though, the crowd got smaller as TOP (The Other People) burned Chilltown to the ground (save mega-member Will) and following suite, it's my belief that if houseguests hadn't coupled up by the first few weeks--for being married, or gay, or celibate, or just simply annoying--the prospect of romance in the sequestered atmosphere gets kinda incestuous-feeling. This happened in the first year---Jordan, the ex-stripper, Brittany, the loveable virgin, and Josh shared a love-triangle. Jordan's heathen past lost votes with the public by week two; we remember what happened to Brittany; and by the time Britt was gone, not only was Jamie too prissy to hanky-pank under Big Brother's eye, but it woulda seemed totally weird to watch the 4 guys she was left with hump her like the pack of wolves they must've felt like after umteen weeks of gettin' none. My guess is that once (hopefully!) this year's couples get broken up (Chiara and Roddy, Lisa and Eric) there will again, be no sex. Well, except maybe some underwater hand-action with Dr. Evil towards the very end of the season (sorry Nicole!)

But back to the inherent evil of the game. For a couple weeks I kept telling my boyfriend that I want to be a Big Brother houseguest, and he kept telling me I didn't. For a while I thought he believed I'd embarrass myself, or him, or both (which after some thought, I admit this non-phenomenon of embarrassment would inevitably occur) but instead he told me that I wouldn't want to handle the mindgames required on Big Brother--and he meant this as a compliment. I still thought he was full of shit--I felt sure that I would have the time of my life knowing I was on primetime tv, and my actions caught by countless Internet dorks like myself. It wasn't until I realized that they had cameras in the TOILET that the Reality Guillotine drop-slashed the desire to be part of the experiment, leaving me kind of sad that it's no longer a pipe-dream. Although, the other side was that I now understand what my Hunny means by all the mindgames...the stress of alliances, trust, relationships, back-stabbing, 24-hour surveillance, peanut butter and jelly diets, etc, etc, etc. He believes that if you leave your conscience aside, you can win, and I don't happen to be built that way. (Catholic guilt would sucker-punch me for sure.)

I was hooked year one. Year two, I inducted Wally in for the ride. This year, we have the feeds. Our schedules are largely opposite, so between us we get to catch a lot of the action, and I can be e-silent no more. I'm incorporating a BB3 Blog (that's Big Brother 3 Web Log for those with actual lives outside the computer)to the book club site...just because it's there.

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