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Our Fallen Heroes

Everyday firefighters die in the line of duty. Every day I hear about them. But there is a problem that I am having. I have no access to the internet at my house. That is the reason why the list that I have is still the same. The numbers in New York are too great, that I don't think that I will be able to give them thier proper respects. I am working on a dedication to them in that I hope, it will be suiting. I know that they deserve all the same as those who I have put on a dedication site before but the numbers are large. I just wish that I could pay people to help me keep up with the site. But since I do not have the money I wont be able to. Keep checking back so that you can see what I have done. As well as the many others that I am behind in I will try to pay the proper respects to them as I have done for the others. Who knows. Maybe with enough time and effort, I might be able to make individual pages for EVERYBODY. Until more pages are finished I say, "Keep strong and bring everybody home."

Current List that has been announced.

In previous news.

I have added a few of the other names to the list of those who have died in the line of duty. I have only added a few due to the number of them that I need to update. There are three months at least of names that have passed and I need to get them caught up. But now that things have slowed down here I will be getting things back on track.

I will try to keep this page updated and add names to the list as they happen. And with time I will hopefully add to the list, the stories of their accidents and maybe some information about the organizations in which you can send donations for their families. And hopefully there will be a point in time that there will be no more accidents. Maybe there will be a day every firefighter returns home after duty and their are no more names to add to this list. But as long as there are firefighters there will always be a list to remember the ones who have gone before us.

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