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Majenta's Chihuahua's
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~~Look how large I am Just as big as a 1 lb Lobster.~~
Maybe a little larger

My Favorite Past'time

Welcome to my Chihuahua site.

Majenta Chihuahua-After almost 18 years together my dearest first child your loss is felt with overwhelming sadness and memories of great joy. You were the best little sailing partner with your cute puppy lifejacket. You never got mean or yappy. The quietest dog I have ever known and so very very smart. You learned over 40 tricks that were adorable to hysterical from playing dead to ringing a bell to go outside. You gave birth to some very pretty pups. We grew up together through college and work and all four of my children. You were a great high chair clean up helper with all the dropped food that you so enjoyed. You have hiked with me more than any other, you have gone to as many parks as all of my other children. You were my life before there were children and became such an important member of our family. I am happy that you have lived long enough to meet all of the children and happy that you were a puppy when my childhood dog Goldie was still alive. Very fond memories of you walking her around the yard with her leash in your mouth as she became old and frail herself. I wouldn’t trade in a minute we have had with you and would carry you outside every day again all over again. With every burst of sunshine you have warmed our hearts and your lovely memories will live on with us always. All of our love, my dearest Majenta. I weep for you today but smile for you tomorrow.

I hope that you enjoy your stay. I have many great links to other Chihuahua sites including breeders and other information. Feel free to email me your suggestions on what you like or how I can improve my page. The guestbook is at the bottom of the page please sign.
Majenta is no longer being bred. I am on the search for a long hair red chihuahua female. Show quality a plus.
I was born on 12/17/1999. My parents added a new member to the family a boyfriend for me. His name is Mocha and he has his own page too. He is the best boy friend a girl could ask for. Its so Awesome to have a friend to play with. He is so much fun too! My mom had a baby Jan 2006 she is so cute and laughes when i try to give her kisses.

Mocha's Page!

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