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CFS-20s Mailing List
   - Description
   - Rules
     (You MUST read them)
   - Sending Mail To List
   - What To Talk About
   - Other Commands
   - Subscribing
   - Unsubscribing
   - #cfs-20s IRC Channel
   - Member Directory
   - Birthday Directory
   - Address Book

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Voice Gallery

#cfs-20s IRC FAQ

   - Posting Guidelines
   - Smilies/Acronyms
   - Related Lists/On-line Info


CFS-20s List Owner
BOD Member Michelle
BOD Member Penni

#cfs-20s IRC Channel

Photo Gallery
Voice Gallery
Web Ring

Membership Directory
Birthday Directory
Address Book

CFS-20s Sitemap

[ CFS-20s ]

Welcome to CFS-20s on the web.
The home pages of CFS-20s, an Internet mailing list
for 20-somethings with CFIDS/CFS/ME and related conditions

Friendship Quote by C.S.Lewis

Official CFS-20s Welcome Message
Information, List Rules, and how to subscribe to the CFS-20s mailing list.

CFS-20s and #cfs-20s Photo Gallery
Put faces to some of our list members, and IRC regulars.

CFS-20s and #cfs-20s Voice Gallery
Hear the voices of some of our list members, and IRC regulars.

CFS-20s Webring
The CFS-20s Webring, linking our member's web sites, and sites belonging to anyone in their 20s with CFS/ME/FMS and related conditions.

#cfs-20s IRC FAQ
All about CFS-20s' own IRC channel, #cfs-20s, and how to use it.

Guidelines And Helpful Resources
Guidelines and Helpful Resources for all our members including Guidelines on Posting to CFS-20s, a list of all the Smilies/Emoticons And Acronyms you'll ever need, and a list of Related Mailing Lists/On-line Information.

Plain HTML/.txt Documents
The most essential CFS-20s Documents in either plain HTML or .txt format.

CFS-20s Sitemap

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