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-- www.ugcs.caltech.edu\_cherryne\mythology.html
Most of the information comes from this site. A worth while look...
-- The Viking Home Page
Various information on the Vikings and their culture.
-- Scandinavian Mythology and Folklore
A list of folklore terms and mythological names. Includes a genealogical chart of the deities.
-- The Germanic Heritage Page
Information on Germanic culture.
-- The Viking Network
A collection of information on the Vikings.
-- The World of the Vikings Project
A lot of information about the viking world and research.
-- The soc.culture.nordic FAQ
Part two contains information on mythology (2.2) and part five contains information on the Eddas (5.5).
-- Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts
-- Icelandic Sagas
Contains information on the Prose Edda, Egil's Saga, and Laxdæla.
-- Myths and Legends
A collection of resources for various mythologies.
-- Finnish Mythology
Info on the ancient Finns.
-- The Wheel of Time
Connections between Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time and Norse mythology.
-- Encyclopedia Mystica
122 articles on Norse myths.
-- Essays on Norse Myth
An article on old norse myth, a very informative essay on the trickster Loki by Johannes Persson, and his translation of an essay regarding the Norns.
-- Norse (Germanic and Scandinavian) Mythology
An outline of Norse myth.
-- A site on Norse mythology with French resources.
-- http://www.pantheon.org/mythica/areas/norse/
An encyclopaedia on Norse Mythology
-- http://todd.reimer.com/rune.html
A site about RUNES.
-- http://todd.reimer.com/norse/story.html
Norse Stories.
-- http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Ranch/6604/Valkyrie.html
About Valkyries.

Other Works of Interest

-- Kormak's Saga
-- Volsunga Saga
-- The Danish History of Saxo Grammaticus
-- Grettir's Saga
-- Njal's Saga
-- Heimskringla
-- Laxdaela Saga
-- Erybyggja Saga
-- Heitharviga Saga