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Whisper His Name

JJ Daniel, Washington State


I’ve heard people from different walks of life speak of God and/or Jesus – with the same attitude as one might speak of “santa-clause” or the “easter bunny”. They speak His Name with less respect that they would show to a visiting ambassador or the queen of England!  Sometimes I hear His Precious and Divine Name being used in a vulgar, shameful manner; and I pause for a moment, and ask the Father to forgive them, and have mercy on their soul.


If they only knew MY Jesus – they would speak His Name with reverence, with love and admiration, as my Jesus is GOD!  His Name heals the sick, mends broken hearts and sets captives free. The Name of my Jesus calls the dead back to life, and gives sight to the blind. My Jesus is the one who died for man-kind, the ones who love and worship Him - and for those who throw His Name around like a cheap exclamation or even a curse word.


Jesus is the only Name that whispered by a concerned mother, can cause a baby’s temperature to return to normal; the only Name that can chase fear and bring peace. Jesus is The Name above all names, and everything that has a name is subject to that Name.


Whisper His Name in the morning, as you start your day; you’ll find His Wisdom at work along the way.


Whisper His Name when in need of direction; you’ll find clarity of mind.


Whisper His Name when a loved one is ill; He is still the Healer today.


Whisper His Name as you lay down to rest; He is your protector, your peace-of-mind, and the one who promises sweet-sleep.


Jesus is His Name – there is no other Name under heaven that will change a situation, turn the tides of the seas, or the heart of a king; no other Name gives hope to the hopeless or brings life to a weary soul.


Jesus – my life, my hope, my peace, my strength; my Husband, my provider my constant-companion and very best Friend; He is the reason I get out of bed in the morning, the reason I can rest at night. He is the strength that gets me through the day; Jesus - my every-thing.


Just whisper His Name.