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JJ Daniel, SW Washington


Perhaps you have heard this heroic story about a dad and his disabled son (I think their last name is Holt, I didn’t hear what part of the country they live in.), I just recently heard about them for the first time – needless to say, their story touched my heart. You may have heard seen them in National News; I heard about them on DayStar television as Max Lacado told their inspiring story.


This young father must have been heart-broken, when his son was born less-than perfect. Unless Jesus gives him a miracle – the child will never play ball, run, or even walk; in fact, he will never do the simple things that we all call “normal”, i.e. feed himself. Hundreds of parents abandon their children when they are imperfect, before and after birth; this dad is a hero who deserves the “father-of-the-year” award, to say the least! (He will be rewarded one day!!)


This child was born with the cord wrapped around his neck; he was without oxygen too long, which resulted in brain damage. His brain is in tact, he thinks clearly – but the body won’t respond to his brain. This loving father cherishes his son, and spends a lot of time and money to give him an active life. Putting him in a nursing home, or simply leaving him at him in bed would have been the easy choice.


Like other fathers, this dad had a dream for his son… that he would be an athlete, maybe a lawyer, maybe even the President of the Nation (every day can relate); how sad for this family.  Instead of giving up on his son ever running a race, this dad runs for him; instead of giving into “he will never walk or ride a bike”, the dad rides for him. Together they run marathons across the country, the dad pushes the boy on a specially made bike. The son dressed in running gear, to match his dads – always expresses great joy when they cross the finish line. This creative, determined dad also enters swim-meets and biking events, using similar methods to include his son. This dad didn’t give up on his son, or his dream, just because it could have seemed hopeless and impossible… he just went to ‘plan B’ – and moved forward, moving mountains and working miracles for his son.


I am so impressed with this dad’s love for his son! In a world of easy, convenient and daily abortions, and parents who abandon their children – this man is a hero!  He created a life for his child, and literally carries him along, every day. Without this dad’s love, this child would have spent all his years lying in a bed with no life at all.


I don’t know if these people are born-again, can’t help but think that they must be; but either way, what we know about this dad is  a great example of God’s love for us. Even when we are imperfect – He loves us! When we mess up and do things that we wish we hadn’t done, when we make wrong, even stupid choices in life, even when we turn our back on Jesus – He continues to love us, unconditionally – and “carries us along every day.” (Isa 46).


There is nothing you have done that can ever cause God to turn His face from you, throw you away or give up on you! He is your “Father” and He loves you… unconditionally!!  WHAT A LOVE!!


jj Daniel