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Bible Study with JJ Daniel @ - home of Strombolis eZine


~ enJOYing The Journey ~


JJ Daniel, SW Washington




A New Year!

A New Season!

A New Adventure! 


jj.jpgDon’t you just LOVE “New” stuff!?  I feel a little like a child – on Christmas morning!  J  I don’t even know exactly what I am excited about… I just am!!  I think that we are going to see awesome displays of God’s Glory in 2010.  YEAAAAAAAH GOD!!


My Pastor, Scott Olin is really into Biblical Numerology: He tells us that the number “10” speaks of “Divine order”. He also believes that “God is taking His church back! – God has a plan for His Church – and it’s time to do it His way!”  How exciting is that!?  J   Think about it… Jesus demonstrated “God’s Way” when He walked the earth… there was healing, instant deliverance, super-natural provision, turning water into wine, multiplying the lunch of one child into dinner for 5000 men and their families… and then HE SAID… “Greater things than these you will do.”  I want some of that!!  J  I want some of ALL God is doing in this season.  It is a great time to be part of His Church.


Our “Christmas Message” on December 20th was such an encouragement, and a great reminder!!  Did you know that the name “Mary” means “bitter”?  If you read Luke one – you will see that when the angel came to announce to Mary that she would give birth to The Son of God - the angel did not call her by her name; interesting isn’t it?  God is usually really into “names” – not this time!  He refused to call her “bitter” – do you remember what He called her?  J   He said… “Highly favored one” and He said she was “Blessed among women.” (Luke 1:28).  God saw Mary from HIS PERSPECTIVE, not her own. She thought of herself as a teenager, probably with little thought, at that time - of what her “lot in life” would be. She had no idea that God was going to use her to deliver His Son to the earth.  “How can this be!?”   Mary asked, and the angel assured her with God, nothing shall be impossible!”   


Her response was only perfect… and we can all adopt it as our own:  “Okay then… What ever you say, do that!” (Paraphrased of course)


It is still the same Heavenly Father who we love and obey today… and He hasn’t changed since this statement! Things that seem impossible to us today are POSSIBLE WITH GOD!!  J  What an encouragement that should be to us.  No matter what it is that you “need” no matter how long you have been “waiting” ……. “ALL things are possible with God!”  Amen church!?


How does God see you? It is HIS PERSPECITIVE that matters, not yours and not the perspective of others. If God declares that you are “blessed among women” and that “nothing is impossible” – that’s simply fact!  Nothing and no one can change it – once God has declared it.  What does He say about YOU!?  Where is His plan taking you in 20 10? 


I think we can begin the race of this year running… with “NOTHING SHALL BE IMPOSSIBLE TO ME” as our motto. Saying to the Father every morning… Okay Father… What EVER YOU SAY about me, and WHAT EVER YOU HAVE IN MIND FOR ME TODAY … Do that!”  J


Amen Church?  Ready to run the 20 10 race – on the course that The Father designed you to run!? 


Okay then… GO!!  J


JJ Daniel – running after my Jesus



You can hear pastor Olin’s December 20th Sermon here