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Servant JJ Daniel, SW Washington





Santa, Cinderella & Jesus



jj.jpgSanta Claus, Cinderella, the tooth fairy and Jesus: Do our children live a life filled with fantasy?

 Do our Children know that the birth of Jesus Christ is reality and that Santa coming down the chimney is not?


I have talked with four and five-year-olds who believed that Santa Claus is God. One child thought that Christmas was Santa’s birthday.  So then… when they grow up, and eventually find out that they have been “lied to” … and all those ‘warm and fuzzy’ fairy tales were just a fun “story” - will they then have trouble believing in Jesus that we’ve also taught them about?  Just a thought!  Children have trouble figuring out what is “real” and what is “make believe”I just wonder if we’re doing them any favors here.


My Father, God is not insecure; He knows who He is. However, considering the sacrifice made, to send His Son into this world… I wonder what He feels about His family building Jesus into a picture of fantasy.  Just a thought.


I am not going to say a lot on this topic – I would just like to leave parents and grandparents with these questions:


§  Do the children know that there really is a Jesus, and that He is God?

§  That He was born with them I mind?

§  That we celebrate His birth on Christmas day?


I do think it’s important that even the children know the truth of Jesus Christ, and that we take care to keep them from believing He is only a part of their fantasy world.


Food for Thought:


ü  A child trusts his/her parents more than anyone in the universe; they simply accept, without reservation - all that you tell them – as truth.


ü  A child’s parent is the example of relationship and trust that the child draws from – when they come to know Jesus Christ, and begin to build a relationship with their Heavenly Father.



God bless your Thanksgiving Celebration and your Christ-mas Celebration with a greater revelation of Jesus Christ, and His love for you, and how very much we have to be thankful for.


Shalom, SHINE ON!!


   JJ Daniel – In love with my Jesus