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Dream Again,




JJ Daniel, Washington



We often pray – Lord give me more of You; Lord I want Your power and glory in my life; Be seen in my life; Bless me Father… use me Lord, etc. In all of our prayers, in the middle of our list of desires and dreams – are we a picture of the child that God designed us to be  - or have we painted our own picture?


I’m sure that we all can agree that when we were born into this world – we were totally dependant on others, and we were totally self-centered and selfish. We gave no thought at all to how tired our Mother was, or how she was feeling; when we were hungry, no matter what time of night or day, we wanted food NOW! When it’s time to sleep – we wanted SLEEP NOW - and we did everything we knew to do, to make our desires known to everyone listening. No matter where we were or how important our parents thought that moment in time was to them – we demanded attention – and our own way!


If you are a parent, or have infants in your life – you know exactly what I’m talking about. No matter how perfect a couple’s life has been, no matter how clean and organized a home is – no matter how busy and successful the parents are – when the child arrives – he/she takes charge of the whole family!  Ha!  And what a JOY that is!  However… if that same infant continues to grow and develop and they still, at age fifteen, demands that same attention – if you are a good parent, raising that child according to Biblical principles – you will correct that child, and assist in their growth.  Correct?  When that child grows into adulthood, if they are still demanding your attention, and still insists on getting their own way – taking no thought of others, we could call them – spoiled, a self-centered brat… or worse.  (of course we wouldn’t… as godly parents we would correct them with love; as on-lookers we would  pray for them and treat them with the love of God!)


God likens Himself as a loving Father, and likens us as His child.  In the book of Ephesians the Apostle-Paul talks to us about being a child, and drinking milk. I am of the opinion that if we are not experiencing the things that God has promised in His Word, if our prayers are not being answered… it is not because God changed His mind, not because He is withholding good gifts from us, not because He doesn’t love us. There is no question about it - if there is something missing in our life, if our spiritual-life is not what the Bible says it should be – the problem is on our half of the covenant, not His!


“withholds no good gift” – “ask for a fish, father gives” – “milk” “grow up”


I believe that our loving-Father allows us to be “children” and drink “milk” for a season;  several seasons, for most of us! I also believe that there comes a time – that He will say – OKAY KIDS… it’s time to GROW UP!  I think that we, the Body of Christ, as a whole – are at that place today.  I think the season of “give me” – “bless me” is over. 


Oh… yes, His blessings continue – His Word never changes! What I am saying here is that it is time to step up to the plate – and get it right!  It is no longer going to be about “me” - It is going to be God’s way – and His way is about HIM, and others!  Isn’t it?


I am speaking of that Supernatural-life, that ‘walking-in-the-Spirit” kind of life; The life that sees miraculous answered prayers daily, and experiences the anointing of God that breaks yokes and sets captives free.  If we are a true believer of Jesus Christ we should have “signs” following us around all the time!! Ever ask yourself why you don’t? I have!


“signs shall follow”


The way I read Ephes, John and I John, I Cor 13 (and others) – it says to me that if we are not putting GOD FIRST, and OTHERS second – we are still a “baby” (thank God for His mercy!) and it is God’s plan for us to mature, and become more and more like Him.




The power of God was never meant to be confined inside of the four walls of the church! His power is the very center of our existence, as a believer. We should be getting people saved, praying for people at the grocery store – and seeing them healed! Want to experience the POWER of God in your daily life?  Me too! 


How do we get there?




It isn’t about you! It isn’t about me!  It is all about the Father, and the part that He designed us to play – in reaching this world for Him.


Perhaps we will experience the power and the glory of God in a greater measure than we can even imagine – when we turn our focus from self - to Him, and to others.


Perhaps we will see our “dreams” fulfilled – when our dream is in agreement with God’s dream / plan.


Perhaps it is time to ask Him to reveal HIS DREAM for our life.


Perhaps it is time for a new dream!


Just a Thought!



God bless you, as you run after Jesus, and serve His kids.


jj daniel