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JJ Daniel, Washington State





Way too often people put on a mask to go to church, or meet with a group of people. At church, they have learned to “play the game” and mask.gif“talk the talk” …anyone can easily wear a mask for a couple hours a week. What a sad thing, that we don’t trust our “God-given family” enough to just be “real.” Do we feel we can’t be our self… because we won’t be accepted? Or because we are “not good enough”?  


Why do we hide behind a mask? Is it PRIDE, or FEAR or what… that causes us to want others to think we are something that we’re not? 


·         If there is something going on in our life that we are not happy with…

               we can change that.

·         If there are things in our life that doesn’t line up to the Word of God…

               we can change that.

·         If we are not all that God designed us to be… we can change that.


Why would we want to HIDE… rather than get  FREE!? I wonder… does that mean that we also try to hide our true-identity from our Creator and God?  What a silly thought that is!!  Like He doesn’t know every thought and every deed!!


(I find it interesting that in “October” – I am writing about “masks”  hehehe!!  I’m sure there is some kind of hidden meaning in that!!)


I just came from a weekend Retreat with a group of ladies… where some were learning to be “real”. Our Pastor taught about different kind of birds, and challenged us to be the “Eagle” that is down on the inside of each of us.  Some admitted to being the “Ostrich” who runs and hides and buries their head; others admitted to being the “Chicken” who is ruled by fear; not so easily identified is the humming bird who flitters in quickly… grabs a bite of food – and is gone before you hardly even notice they were there. When I think about all the things that we “try to be” and all that we do to “hide” the real person on the inside… I can’t help but wonder how the Father feels about that. The Bible says that one of the things He “hates” – is “Lies” (deception).


I’m thinkin’ that He really wants His kids to be “transparent”… His desire is that JESUS is found in each of His kids… is seen there… is flowing like Rivers of Living Water from there… but how can that even begin to happen – if we are wearing some kind of mask to disguise who we really are?


Isn’t the first step of “being like Jesus” – being “real”!?

Isn’t step one of “being free” – admitting that we need change and freedom, and showing who we are… warts and all?!


And really… very few people are fooled by your mask!!


FYI: Being “real” – with all the ugly stuff needing to be changed is easier to love than someone wearing a mask and claiming to be something that they are not!!   Deception is an ugly thing, and no one that I’ve ever met enjoys being lied to!  Just think about that a moment.


I think to be the “Light of the World” that Jesus said we are… to SHINE JESUS every place we go… we have to take of the mask, and stand transparent before our Father – willing for Him to mold us and make us into the Image of Jesus Christ.


If you are less than a picture of Jesus… yes, YOU NEED WORK!  And honestly… I don’t know anyone who is the perfect picture of Jesus… yet!  Do you?


We’re all in this together people… and NO ONE has “arrived” at “perfect.”  The moment we do… we’ll be outta’ here, like Enoch was.


It’s okay to have a flaw… if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be human!!  It’s okay to need prayer… that’s why God gives us each other. It is not okay to live a lie; you can’t get free there!!


I believe that it is time to TAKE OFF THE MASK CHURCH… and if we don’t get FREE FROM PRIDE and take off the MASK… God will see that it comes off.  Doing that as a choice, in obedience to God’s Word… is much easier than when God does it for you.