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What’s In Your Hand?

JJ Daniel, Washington


Ø      Have you ever wondered why you were born?

Ø      Have you ever questioned God’s will for your life?

Ø      Have you ever thought you must be the only MISTAKE God ever made?

Ø      Have you ever felt ‘empty handed’?


Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes -  I have! 


If I could re-call all the time I’ve wasted, trying to figure God out; to understand why He would  create me - I’d have a very LONG life yet to live!


In later years, as I matured in wisdom (she said snickering!!) I finally had revelation about all this; I finally understood!


If you’ve read my story, you know that I was born to wonderful parents, who were told they could not have children.  My dad may have accepted that as a ‘fact’,  my mother would not! No matter how “impossible” the Drs. said being pregnant was for her – She held on to her faith. Making it short: My mother believed everything God said! She read that He would bless the ‘fruit of her womb’ - and that “children are the heritage of the Lord.”  She  simply took God at face value, and expected God to give her children, so that He could ‘bless them’ … like He said!  From personal experience, she already knew that  Jesus was her healer. 


God always honors His Word.


Finally, in their forties - it was time for their child to arrived. With Drs. still saying…. “sorry madam… but you can NOT BE pregnant” - the birth was truly a miracle! 


The child was a beautiful little girl that immediately became the ‘apple of their eye’. There was nothing this girl could not do!  It seemed that God gifted her more than most.  Not only did she start singing in the church at age three – but by her teen years, could play about any musical instrument she picked up.


This child was NOT me!   LoL!!


Nine years later, their second child finally made an appearance.  By this  time all the beauty and talent allotted to one family had all been used UP!  THIS child was me. 


“But you are kind and loving sweetheart” – my faithful, loving mother tried to comfort. “…and you know how to pray…..!!!”  Well – that just didn’t cut it for me!  I just had to know WHY I was born gift-less, with nothing at all to offer God; and how it was possible that God would give life to such a worthless person! 


I have always been good at accepting the facts and moving on, and thought that I had not allowed these ‘facts’ to bother me.  But I was mistaken!  The picture I had of my self, dictated my life, and isolated me for many years.


It did take awhile for me to find answers. In my mid-twenties I felt I had better understanding; I finally figured Him out!  It was my mother’s FAITH that brought her two daughters; even her Doctors had to admit that we were ‘miracles’. 


One day it just came to me…. So CLEARLY!!! I was “God’s ONLY un-planned creation! His only mistake!”


I knew that the Bible SAYS that God has given each of us “purpose” – that He “hand crafted” each of us – and that we are “wonderfully made” - etc., etc.  But it was so CLEAR!!! I was NOT in His plan… my mother’s faith had forced His hand – it was just all too clear!!  I really WAS ‘nothing’ – and existing only to be a daughter, to serve them,  and then to die.


It was really a relief to see this SO CLEARLY!


It was SUCH a LIE!  * hahaha!*


Oh yes… it is quite silly to even think about now… but it was very real to me then!  The word “deceived” does come to mind!!!   *hehehehe! * 


From that time, until my parents moved on to heaven – I knew that I would only live as long as they did.


I lived with, and took care of my parents until their graduation days.  I was only in my thirties when they left this planet for a far better place; yet I quit living about that same time; stopped all hopes & dreams; and simply waited to join them.  It was almost a year before the Lord was able to fully free me from those lies.


(Didn’t mean for this to get so lengthy, sorry!!) 


To cut this short:  I was sincere, and I was sincerely wrong! 


When God said that (Isa. 46) “…He brought you forth from your mother’s womb; carried you along every day of your life, even when your hair was white with age; that He saw the end from the beginning, and had plans for you that wont change…..”  He DID mean ME – and He meant YOU!  What a SHOCK that was to me!  While teaching others about God’s plans for them, PTL.. He finally got through….. that I was  one of His Kids too.  I’ve never been accused of being ‘quick!’  :O)   * hahahaha!!* 


 Yes, I was raised in the church, and loved the Word of God…. But ANYONE can be lied to, and if we buy into the lies, our life will reflect that deception!





No talent!                   Born to fail!

No love!                     No reason to live!

No plan!                      Nothing good here! 

No smarts!                 Always be broke!

No hope!                    No Reason to live!

No purpose!              Worthless!                

     No good!                    To ugly!

To thin!                       To small!                   

     To OLD!                     To big!                       

     To LATE!!!                  To ___  ???


John 10:10 says that it is “The thief that comes to steal, kill and destroy Jesus came to give us abundant life!”  The thief doesn’t have to work very hard to steal from most of us; He simply finds our insecurities, and builds on it!


BUT… this is GOOD NEWS: When you catch that thief… he has to obey what GOD SAYS…. And give you seven fold in return.  :O)   Get back devil!!  

* hehehe!*


John 15:16 says that you did NOT choose Jesus…. He, in fact, chose YOU!  and He wants your “Joy to be FULL!”


Why did Jesus choose YOU?  Why did He choose me?  Because He loves us!  :O)  Think about THAT!  God… GOD… the creator of the Universe… loves US!!!!  He could have chosen anyone on the planet, to be the family He wanted, and He chose us!!  He gave us life; and a plan!  w0w!!


Not long ago I was talking to The Lord – and just mentioned in passing, that it was okay that He hadn’t made me like this or that… (still wondering why He hadn’t given me more to work with!!)*hehehe!*   (didn’t say that I’d “arrived” - He’s still working on me!) As gentle as a loving Father can be – He explained to me that He really isn’t short on talent and ability; He  doesn’t NEED someone with a lot to offer. After all, HE owns all those gifts.  :O)  He really just looks for someone ‘willing’ and ‘available to Him’,  one ‘obedient to His Word.’   He really is big enough to do the rest.  *SMile  *  I CAN do THAT!!  :O)


And so Can You!   Amen?  :O)


Before you were born - God knew exactly where He wanted you in this life. He knew exactly where He wanted you, and designed you for that purpose!  And…. He has equipped us each with everything we will need to complete the job He created us for.  If we are trying to do something that we are not gifted for,  we are trying to wear a pair of gloves that belong to someone else! (Picture Cinderella’s stepsister trying to put on Cinder’s shoe).  Selah!!





Instead of dwelling on the things you can NOT do…. Look at what you CAN DO!  What did God place in YOUR HANDS?  What did He design you to do?





The Bible says that it is GOD who gives you the “desires of your heart” – what is it that has been in your heart to do, for years?  What are you  doing to move in that direction?


Ø      Do you hear someone sing a beautiful song and wish you could do that?

Ø      Do you listen to your pastor on Sunday and go home wanting to preach like  him?

Ø      Are you trying to be something that God didn’t design for?

Ø      Is it time for a New Season… and you’re fighting change? 


If you can’t carry a tune – singing a solo is not in God’s plan for you.  AND. . . If you are outside of HIS PLAN, trying to be something He is not in agreement with, you are out there alone, without an anointing!  God forbid!! 


I’d like to tell you about my Friend Nancy:

Ø      Nancy teaches small children on Sundays;

Ø      Goes to nursing homes on Fridays, to spend time with residents (not family);

Ø      Gives of her time and talents to touch others, and be a blessing to them, daily!


And STILL there are times she feels like she has nothing to offer! What a lie! From the perspective of watching her life… you clearly see Jesus, and His love pouring from her daily! 


The thief…. Is good at what he does!!  BUT… he is deceived, and HE FAILS!  PTL!!!!!!!!!!  :O)


Let TODAY mark a ‘New Season’

‘New Life’  and ‘New Beginnings.


Will it also mark personal ‘Change’?  ….


Ø      A ‘New determination’?

Ø      Spiritual growth?

Ø      A ‘New View’ of self?

Ø      Seeing God’s View of ‘His creation’?

Ø      Acting like ‘the chosen’? 


Is it time to see our selves as God sees us, and to give away what He placed in our hand? Could this be the Season we’ve waited for?  The Season to be ‘whole’ and ‘free’?  Free to accomplish what He has given us to do?   Yes?  Amen??    Just a Question!!


The Bible Temple Baptist Church in Philadelphia tells the story of their ‘new beginning’….


The beginning of this church was quite humble; in a neighborhood of those known as the ‘under privileged’. 


They tell of a small child in the neighborhood years ago, who had a desire to attend Sunday school.  She didn’t have much, probably didn’t even know the term ‘Sunday best’ - But she wanted to go to church.  Her mother finally agreed that she could go to the small church down the street.


I don’t even know the name of this child, have never even visited that side of the Nation. Still, I am sure that when that day finally arrive – the day she would go to Sunday school she had to be one excited little gal. I can imagine her skipping and running… moving as fast as she could to get to church!  {Huh!!  THAT  could preach!!}   * hehehe*


Wearing her very best pair of worn jeans, and her old weathered shoes, she opened the door of the little church with great anticipation.  She had been waiting for this day -  a very long time!!


When she opened the door – she looked around to see where she might sit.  What a devastating event, when the child could not find one empty seat!  With great disappointment, and tears streaming down her sweet face, the child closed the door and walked away.


This sad little girl sat down on the church steps, and in a few minutes, as if on cue, the pastor walked by and stopped to assess the situation.  As she told her story, the pastor gave her a hug, helped her up, and assured her that he could fix this for her.  He took the child into a  Sunday School Class Room – got her a very nice chair, and made her feel right at home.


I don’t know if the child ever returned to that church, or any church.  She became ill soon after that day, and died.


The little girls mother contacted the pastor of Bible Temple Church, telling him that it was the child’s request that he preach her funeral.


When the pastor arrived at the funeral, the mother gave him an envelope with a note inside.  The note written by the child, knowing her time here was short. 


“Dear pastor” he read “…here is 57 cents. I want you to have it, to build a bigger church.” 


Needless to say, the pastor was very touched with this child’s generous gift.  He was aware that it was all she had, and she probably had worked hard, and saved for months to bring such a large amount to him.


The following Sunday, the pastor shared this note and the entire story with his congregation. This Little child, although dying, still wanted to do her part, to be sure that no one else would ever go to church, and not find a place to sit.


Someone at the local newspaper got wind of this story, and printed it. The next event that took place was phenomenal!


People began to send money to the little church, to add to the child’s 57 cents.


The first step, of course, was to look for a piece of property.  When the perfect piece of land was found the pastor also found that the going price was way out of reach, for this small congregation. 


Just a few days later, the pastor got an unexpected phone call: The owner of that several acres of land had heard the pastor was looking at his land. His call to the pastor was right to the point: “Preacher,” the man began….  “I’d like to sell you my land, but I will only sell it to you for the asking price!”


Well, the pastor knew that was a good of land, and well worth the asking price - but even with all of the miracle-giving – all they had would not pay for the land.


After a moment of silence, the landowner continued…  


“Preacher, I want fifty seven cents!”


The Bible Temple Baptist Church of Philadelphia now seats 3300 people; houses a school; a university and a hospital.  All from a child’s seed of 57 cents!