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Get-UP, Bible-Study,


JJ Daniel, Washington


Spring is a beautiful time of year, and it seems quite appropriate that we celebrate the resurrection of Christ at the beginning of this season.  Everywhere we look, we see budding bushes; flowers pushing their way through the sod; new leaves forming on the trees; baby animals on all the farms. We see signs of “new life” all around us.


There is a bit of controversy concerning the time of year that Jesus died, just as there is about what time of year He was born. Perhaps that should be more important to me than it is… but I am just thankful that He came out of that grave, and brought with Him the promise of life and eternity.


It is not “Spring” in every Country, but whatever time of year it is… spiritually – it is a season of new life! 


When life throws us a ‘curveball’ or a ‘fastball’ (it is also the beginning of the baseball season in the US) we have a choice of how we will handle it.  We can face it straight on and hit it out of the park; stand still and let the ball hit us; or we can duck & hide! I guess we could say that we have a choice of how we face that pitch, and how much pain it will cause us. In baseball there is about two seconds to make that choice; with the matters of life, we have all the time it takes!  If we don’t get it right the first time…. Rest assured, we will get another chance at it! 


What has life brought your way that has caused you to ‘duck & hide”? What situation in your life has made you distrust that God is still in control?


The word “resurrection”  means “To get up again.”


What ever it is that you find yourself in the middle of today… GET UP!!    It is the season of resurrection!


Have you lost HOPE?  Is your VISION fading? Do you find yourself in a new game?  Let me tell you… God was not taken by surprise!! He knows right where you are today – and He simply continues to unfold His plan for your life!


I can run and hide in the pit of depression, with the best of them! But it is so much better to stay above the mess and rest in the fact that God’s got it covered!  Either God is GOD – all the time, or He is not God at all! 


David wrote in Psalms 16:11: “You have made known to me the path of life. You will fill me with with joy in Your presence. With eternal pleasures at Your right hand.”  He also wrote: “God… even if I make my bed in hell….  You will still find me!”


I wonder, is it reasonable to say that whatever/whoever it is that dictates your joy and your peace… is your god? 




If we find joy in the Lord, and His Name is “Peace” …. And something in this life is bigger than Him…. Who is the God of our life?


Just A thought!


We are given one body, one lifetime, and one opportunity to get life right.  It is most often our choice, or the lack-of-choice, that gets us where we are!  In Deut. God said it like this: “Today I set before you death and life…. CHOOSE LIFE!”


What ever is happening in your life that brings with it anything other than love, joy, peace, faithfulness, and righteousness – GET UP!!  Get out of that pit… and get back into the race!


It is TIME for the “Bride of Christ” to adorn herself with all the riches of heaven – and be the Bride that Jesus will soon come looking for.


Ø     Does YOUR LIFE reflect the Word of God?

Ø     When the world looks at you, do they see the love of God in action?

Ø     Does your life paint a clear picture of all that the death & resurrection of God bought for you?


Well Child of God – EVERY DAY is the season of “resurrection!” …  So… GET UP!! and BLOOM!!


My heart can’t help but sing… “Creation shows the power of God – there’s glory all around, and those who see stand in awe…. For miracles abound.


♫ Yes I believe in miracles,

I’ve seen a soul set free.

Miraculous the change in one, redeemed through Calvary.


I’ve seen a lily push its way up through the stubborn sod,

yes I believe in miracles, for I believe in God.”


Holy Spirit we invite You now… to settle down over us, and begin a new work in our heart. Father, renew our love for You and Your Son, Jesus; restore all that the enemy tried to kill and destroy; Resurrect the vision of Your will; Revive our joy Lord, and make us into a lighthouse of hope for all those in our life. We agree together, and believe we have what we ask, according to Your Word. In Jesus Name, Amen. 



JJ Daniel


“Shalom” is a Hebrew greeting that means“Nothing missing, nothing broken”  It was a Christian-greeting and means “PEACE and WHOLENESS to you and your household!”