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JJ Daniel, Washington State




And What About Christmas!?


11-11-09.jpgMerry Christmas everyone!!  God bless this season of celebration with His Peace, His Wisdom, His Protection and with great joy in knowing Jesus. My prayer for God’s people is that during this season, we will each have a new and greater revelation of the unconditional love of God and His Son Jesus.


I don’t claim to be a Bible Scholar, or to understand all there is to know about the Bible or the Christmas Season. I do not know or understand Jewish customs and doctrine; I certainly don’t have all understanding, or know everything there is to know about anything. I do however have an opinion about Celebrating Christmas – and that is what I will share with you today.


I have met many wonderful people in my lifetime, some with strong opinions about not celebrating Christmas at all – as it is a pagan holiday; some believe it’s okay to celebrate Christmas as long as you keep “Santa Claus” out of the picture; others believe that if Jesus is the focus of the holiday – it’s fine to be a part of the celebration. I have no argument with anything others choose to do, or not do; and it is my hope that all my brothers & sisters in the Lord will also give me the right to draw my own conclusions, and to celebrate the way I choose. Perhaps this is one of those things spoken of in Philippians 2:12 - When we read … “Work out your own Salvation, with fear and trembling.”  J


What we do know for sure, and must agree on - is that JESUS is the promised Messiah, the only begotten Son of God; He WAS BORN of a virgin, died and was raised from the dead, and now sits at the right-hand of His Father, praying for mankind!  He was born into this world for one purpose – to die for you and me, and to demonstrate unconditional love along the way.  I think that most of us can agree on these Bible basics. Amen?


(We also know that Jesus, the Son of God was probably born in the month of July; and that the Jewish calendar is not the calendar that we use today.)


There are many religions in the world today, with different opinions, different doctrines, and different translations of the Bible; some don’t read the Word of God at all. There are several views about who Jesus is and how to find Him; some believe there are “many ways to God, and others, that “Jesus is only one way.” Some believe that “God has no Sons” at all.  With all the different opinions and view-points, it could become quite confusing to someone seeking to find Truth. Of course we all know that “confusion never comes from God”. (1Corinthians 14:33) 


I personally believe that JESUS CHRIST is the only begotten SON OF GOD, and JESUS is the ONLY WAY to the Father. (John 14:6)  I expect that all readers here would agree with that.


The one thing that I  know for sure – is that I have a personal, daily relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ. I believe that if it were a “wrong” thing to be a part of the Christmas Celebration – I would know that; in the same way that I know that I should not participate in Satan’s high-holiday, Halloween night.


So, what about Christmas?  This is what I think…


o   If shopping and parties and holiday decorations are the only thing on the mind of a believer, I think that is a bit out of balance; Jesus should be our constant focus, every day.

o   Giving to others is a Bible Principal; going into debt is not.

o   Getting together with others is a Bible Principal; when we honor the Lord and let Him Shine in our life.

o   Enjoying life and celebrating the goodness of God, is a Bible Principal; living in stress rather than His Peace - is not.

o   Loving and blessing our children is God’s idea; lying to them and teaching them fairytales as truth is not.

o   I personally do not get involved with Christmas decorating, but I do enjoy seeing what others display.

o   I don’t do a lot of shopping or gifting, but there is a joy in giving that nothing else brings.

o   I don’t fight through the mobs at the stores, but when I am in town - I totally enjoy hearing the Christmas Music, and looking through the Christmas Cards and Ornaments that are openly displayed in most stores. (Target is the exception here: they took the word “Christmas” and “Christ” out of their stores; you will not find a banner or a “religious” card there, not even the words “Merry Christmas” are displayed – as they don’t want to “offend” those who don’t believe in Jesus.  They also removed the Salvation Army bell-ringers from their stores, incase that might offend someone. I  personally do not shop at Target.).


This one time of year people are open to the story of Jesus Christ – more than any other season. They will display the Christmas Cards you mail them; they will put a star on their tree, and perhaps remember the Christmas Story they heard as a child. They will give funds to help the less-fortunate, and share their abundance with children they have never met. I’ve heard people sing along with “away in the Manger” – or “Silent Night’, as they shop -  their mind may not even be thinking about Jesus, but they are still singing about Him, and the Holy Spirit is there to draw them to the Father.


I personally believe that this season is an excellent opportunity to boldly speak the Name of Jesus, write about Jesus, sing about Jesus, and celebrate Jesus. I live for and celebrate Jesus every day of my life, and truly love that He has the attention of millions right now. I enjoy “Christmas Movies” that carry a message of hope, and I love that people are worshipping my King, Jesus Christ; it is a beautiful and life-giving joy-filled season. I pray that this month we will see thousands come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and King.


How ever you celebrate the birth of Jesus, I pray His Peace, His Wisdom and His Truth for each of us. I pray that He will invade our lives and the lives of all we know, with the unconditional love of God and His plan for our lives.


Shalom Family of God! SHINE ON!!


JJ Daniel – loving Jesus!