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As the mornings give way to the coolness of Autumn, and the gold & orange leaves begin to cover the ground – it puts me in mi


JJ Daniel, Washington



Just about the time we get settled into our own little ‘comfort zone’ and feel we have found where we ‘belong’ – change just barges in – and messes up our resolve!! Change disrupts, and disturbs our plans every time!!  And… the complacency we’ve settled into.


Think about it!  If you think that where you are today is ‘all there is’ – and that God has nothing more in store for you - it would be easy to set down on the sidelines, and let the ‘game of life’ pass you by.


I was witness to my Dad doing just that. He was a strong, healthy, busy man up to age seventy-six years of age.  When it seemed to him that his ministry and purpose was over, he set down and waited for death to arrive. He died within the year. Looking back at his ‘Season” …I still wish he had realized how many around him needed the wisdom and understanding he could have taught us.


Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision my people perish.”  


The word “perish” here means to ‘throw-off restraint’. When you run a race you have the goal set before you – if you are a dedicated athlete, you train for months before you run your first race.  In every race, you put every ounce of strength you have into it – until you reach the finish line.  Across the finish line, some runners collapse, and may even need assistance to get off the track; others may dance around with joy; some even take one last “victory lap” to show they truly are a champion. The vision has ended, it is complete – and they have thrown off all restraint and discipline.  For a moment, they take lose their focus.


Our spiritual walk is like that proverbial “Race.”   (In 1 Corinthians 9:24 Paul said: run the race to WIN!”)  When we become complacent about the things of God, the things He designed us to do… we have just stepped out of the race.


Oh, we can continue to mosey down the same track, and perhaps even accomplish something along the way; however, if we allow the distractions of life to steal our vision it will also rob us of our joy and victory.  Hab 2;2-3  says that we need to “Write the Vision” and “keep it before us”so that everyone who sees it will know where they are going.  If you have no “goal” or ‘finish line’ – there will be ‘no restraint’ – no ‘goal’ - and there will be no ‘win’.  Keeping the vision alive - and in front of you lends itself to the self-discipline and the character of a champion.  It also keeps us ‘on course’.


Perhaps you are in a season where it appears that the vision, and the purpose that God planted inside you is “impossible” - or “it’s too late” – or that “God’s plan for you must have come to an end.”  NOT!!!!!!!


Seasons come, and seasons go – But God’s purpose continues!  


Proverbs 19:21 “Many are the plans in a mans mind, but it the Lord’s purpose for him that prevails”


When my Great Nephew Miles started the first grade, he wasn’t real excited about it.  He was in a new school with new kids, new teacher, and it’s quite different than his year in kindergarten.  He really did NOT want to go to school.  So… should his parents have allow him to stay at home, or perhaps just let him stay with his kindergarten teacher a few years, until he’s comfortable with the idea of moving on?   Well, of course not! They want their son to grow and flourish, and to become all that he can be… all that God designed him to be.


The Seasons of our life can be thought of in this same way.  “School” is never out, from the time we take your first breath, until the time that breath leaves our body for the last time – we are in school.  If we ‘cut class’ we will take that class over; if we decide we don’t like the subject, and transfer to something easier - we will have to come back to the moment we allowed rebellion to lay that subject down, and start over again.  There are usually a few “full-circle” classes in every life. 


Twelve year old niece Marissa was not really content with the fifth grade, and would like to have skipped that one. She just didn’t want to move on to middle school.  She decided that fourth grade would just be her last year of school! (I made this same decision, when I was in the first grade!)  Of course, Marissa’s parents, and the law of the land would not allow her to do that, but if she could have arrange that… 

Ø      She would never achieve the potential that God has planted in her.

Ø      She would stop growing mentally & emotionally;

Ø      What could she achieve? 

Ø      Where would she succeed?

Ø      And the list could go on, and on.


The same is true with the “Seasons” of our life.  You may not like where you find yourself right now – you may be outside your comfort zone; you may even feel like you’ve been ‘benched.’  Ecc 3 tells us… (in short) “Seasons come and seasons go – and that’s the way it’s going to be!” 


God loves His children with a greater love than we can understand; when He determines that it’s time for us to ‘move up’ (to grow a bit) - He will not allow us to remain in the comfort-zone of kindergarten. 


Did ya’ll happen to see the movie “Nell” with Jodie Foster?  I understand it is taken from a true story.  (out several years ago, a great movie if you can find it). A perfectly healthy girl – who had never been far from home, had no education, and no people to teach her.  She could not speak, and appeared to be severely retarded. When someone took the time, and the love to pay attention to her – they found that it was only because she had not been taught, and had not grown mentally or emotionally. It’s sad, but that can happen to our spiritual life as well.


When you find yourself in a new “Class” or “Season”… 

§        Embrace it!

§        Run with it!

§        Run to win! 

§        Be ALL that your creator designed you to be. 


Shalom!  Shine on for Jesus!

JJ Daniel