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JJ Daniel, Washington


Looking at the “Church” today is EXCITING! God is busy working on His kids; He is changing us, molding us, and He is moving us each toward being more like Jesus. It appears to me that He is bringing us closer and closer to being what He designed His “Body” to be. Amen?


When we look to Jesus, as our example, we see that yes… He did preach in the Synagogues and Temples. He also preached on the mountaintops, from fishing-boats, on the streets, in cornfields and fields of lilies; in the homes of sinners, and everywhere He went. Sometimes people didn’t even recognize that He was teaching them the ways of His Kingdom - i.e. Matthew 12.


It seems to me, that we “Christians” have hidden in the comfort of our padded pews for waaaaaaaaay to long! I truly believe that it is time for us to get OUT THERE - in the “hi-ways and by-ways” and be the “LIGHT” and “SALT” that Jesus says we ARE!  (Mat 8:6-8 - Mat 28:19-20 – Mat 5:14-16)


How can we be light to a world filled with evil – if we aren’t out there where it is?  The light that shines in my office does nothing for the back porch of my house… know what I mean?  We need to be LIGHT where light is needed. (Like Jesus was!)


Sunday morning, Saturday evening, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – gathering together to worship Jehovah-God is an awesome and powerful place to be!  I LOVE IT!! We are instructed in the Word of God that we must not neglect to do this. It is a VITAL part of what we need, to stay strong and to be all that God has designed us to be. It is however, only part of what God tells us to do. 


He said: “GO!”  He said “heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out devils… freely you’ve received – freely give!”   Matt 10:7-8


There are a few people coming into the church who need all of the above, but there are multitudes who do not come to church, who need Jesus! Tell me please… is there any place in the Word of God that says… “never mind the people who are out there, if they don’t come to church to find Me.. let em suffer! Let them hurt! Leave them sick and lonely! Let them die and go to hell!”  I think NOT!


Who will tell them about the love of God, and what Jesus has already done for them… if not you and me?!


Jesus Christ in YOU… the ONLY HOPE!!  Colossians 1:27


Matthew 25:34-41


God bless you and yours – with Wholeness, Peace and a new, fresh vision of what He has designed you to do, before He returns for His Church.


Shalom! SHINE ON!!

 JJ Daniel