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jj9.jpgThere is nothing sweeter than the love of a child; nothing warmer or more precious – than to experience the pure-love of an small, innocent, cherished gift of God. The warmth of their unconditional love and the forgiving, long-suffering acceptance is a good picture of how God loves His family; and the way He expects us to love one another. There is no greater treasure than to be blessed with children to love.


Looking at this generation of children and teens – I can’t help but think that “God’s plan” for the family has somehow been lost, or forgotten.


Any time, in any area of life – that we get away from “God’s plan” we will experience un-necessary pain and problems.  God set His plan in place before He even designed the earth; His principals, His guidelines, His plan and His purpose for His creation is in tact and will bring success, fulfillment, happiness and peace; these things are hard to hang on to outside of His plan. No matter how society has “changed” and “grown” – God’s plan remains the same; He will not tweak His plans to accommodate a busy lifestyle or our own order-of-the-day.


School Teachers of our day will tell you that there has been a tremendous shift in the behavior of children over the past few years; I’m sure that they can also tell you that there has been a tremendous shift in “parenting skills” as well.  I know one Elementary-School Teacher who has had to call for support in the classroom, just to survive the day. Often, the children of this generation have no concept of “respect” – and many seem unable to concentrate long enough to grasp the simplest concepts. The “special needs classes” are full and running over – and the every-day classrooms have turned into a war-zone!  What has happened to our children?!


I don’t claim to be an expert on any topic, especially children – however, from observation, I have formed an opinion – and that’s what you are about to hear… just an opinion.


When God designed the “family-unit” – He put it together the way that it will work best. He has ONE PLAN; He is a God with specific ideas and principals, and His plan works!  Many children have been raised by the television, the computer – and by the public education system – this was not God’s plan, and I believe that we are seeing the results of this “lack of order” today.


Children & Teens are use to fast-paced television programs, video games, arcade games and computers. Sitting down to read a book, or even to look at the pictures, or listening to a story - seems to be a thing of the past. The things that our minds are flooded with, at an early age – are the things that will mold our thinking and most of our actions, for life.


 We seem to have misplaced the art of “parenting” and replaced it with a “quick fix” ... a “band-aid” to take care of the need at hand. But where then, does the child learn life-skills and godly-principals? Where are they taught respect or relationship? Depending on the media to instill respect, honesty, integrity or the value of good relationships – is stupidity run amuck!  God gave parents the responsibility of raising the children that He entrusts to them… no one and nothing else can do that job as well as a loving, patient, godly parent.


Oh, I understand that these days, in America it is usually necessary for both parents to work, and I understand that “parents are doing the best they can” today. It is sad that 50% of families are now single-parent homes, but that is the society that we live in today (even among believers). Nevertheless, it is God’s plan for the parents to raise their children, to teach them, correct them, guide them and to instill godly-principals, into them. When we are walking in God’s order-of-things, He will give us a grace to do it well, and we will succeed. (Ps. 1:1-3)  Outside of His plan and order of things – we’re on our own! 


“It takes a village to raise a child” is a statement that I’ve heard several times in the past couple years; If that is truth, parents need to be very careful what “village” they lend that child to!


“Raise up a child in the way it should go, and when he is old he will not depart from them.” This Scripture speaks of godly-principals, yes – of course! We need to be living a godly-example for our children to follow, and teaching them to live according to God’s Word. And… this Scripture also speaks of the child’s “bent”.  Raise them in the “way” they should go… speaks of raising them according to their individual design. It is a good parent, who pays attention to each child and takes notice of the things that are born in them… their giftedness, their talents, their passions and interests. Raising them and teaching them and growing them in that direction, according to God’s purpose and plan for that life – is God’s plan. Who else would care about your child enough to raise them and love them like you could?!


Isaiah 43 tells us that God formed that child in the womb, brought him/her forth at His appointed time and He carries that child along every day of it’s life. Psalm 139 tells us that whatever choice the child makes, where ever he makes his bed… God knows right where they are, and He never takes His eye off that child. We can trust God with our children… can He trust us to do our part?