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God has no son!are the Hebrew words you will read – over the doors of a Muslim Temple. I did know that these people do not believe in my Jesus, and not sure why knowledge of these words brought instant tears.


I want to take out a billboard that says: JESUS IS GOD! – AND HE LOVES YOU!  -  I suspect that this would make no difference to the lives of those who have been raised with such fear and deception. And really, Jesus doesn’t need anyone to defend Him: He is God’s Son, His only begotten Son; He knows it, Jehovah-God knows it, believers know it, and nothing anyone says or does can ever change that.


 Christianity is a unique religion


I am not a Bible Scholar, not a historian, not even a student of religions. I am a student of the Bible, and know just enough about other religions – to know that Christianity is a religion in it’s own league.


1.  Christianity is for ALL people:

Christianity doesn’t discriminate against Nations, tongues, nationalities, color, sex, age or culture. Jesus died for “mankind”. Christianity is for ALL… for “Whosoever” would choose to follow Jesus.

2.  Christianity costs you nothing – it’s free:

Some religions require x-amount of your time; some require x-amount of your money; some even require your life. Christianity comes marked “PAID”! Jesus paid the price, when He was crucified on the Cross-for mankind. Salvation, and eternal life with God our Creator, comes from Jesus, as a free gift – to all who will believe.

3.  Christianity can be proved through history:

Religions created from the mind of man have no validity. Christianity, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ – is a life-changing historical event.

4.  JESUS IS GOD:        

The foundation of Christianity is “Jesus: God in the flesh.” Jesus said: “If you see me, You’ve seen The Father.” John 14:9


Only one other time, in my sheltered little life, have I personally heard someone denounce God, or His Son Jesus Christ. One intelligent, gonna-straighten-her-out  college student decided to educate this poor stupid, brained-washed gal, with statements like: “There is no God!” “Jesus was only another man!” “You believe that, only because you were raised by people who believe that, who were raised by people who believed that.” “Get your head out of the sand… there is no God!” He really dialed the wrong number that day! hehehe! I met this young man on a train many years ago, don’t even remember his name. I am confident that somewhere in his life he has come to a place where he needed Jesus to be part of his life. I know that he has, or will hear the Gospel of good news and have opportunity to meet Jesus personally.  I also know that he will one day stand before his maker, and be faced with heaven and hell… if he believes it, and if he doesn’t! I pray for him when the Holy Spirit brings him to mind, I hope to meet him in heaven one day. 


With this kind of thing going on around me, Galatians 6:7-8 takes on a new meaning.


People in third-world-Countries who have never seen a television, a car or a computer, could easily say: “there is no such thing! That’s from someone’s crazy imagination!”   On this premise I understand how people who have never  experienced the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ, could say that He is only an “imagined crutch for the weak” – or that He is the “longest-lived lie of our existence”, etc. But they’ve come WAAAAAAY to late to tell this girl!  I’ve known Jesus personally since I was a child. I talk with Him every day, and He talks to me; He directs my life, He protects and provides for me; He is my very best, and constant friend. He is the peace-of-mind that mankind searches for; He is the calm in the middle of a storm; Jesus is the One who will never leave, never fail, and never quit loving me; He is the Son of God, He is ALIVE today, and HE IS coming back for those who are watching for Him!


It is sad that so many sincere, dedicated people do not know Jesus, and are not given opportunity to make the choice to know Him. How sad that some have dedicated their life to an evil kill-and-die kind of “religion” – that knows no love or compassion. What a blessed people, those who believe are – to know the love of Jesus Christ, the daily peace-of-mind, and the confidence that we have eternal life with Him.


I recently heard Pastor Nasir Siddiki on Benny Hinn’s program. Once a Muslim, with an incurable disease, he prayed from his hospital bed: Jesus if you’re real, and if you will heal me – I’ll serve You the rest of my life.  Jesus healed him, and later healed his young wife who was bedridden with MS.  PTL!!  This couple now pastor a large church, and see thousands of Muslims come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ each year.  PRAISE GOD! – His mercy endures forever!


Jesus LOVES the Muslim people, the agnostics, the atheist and every person ever born. His love is unconditional, and unending. He still loves the people who do not believe in Him, even those who crucified Him. He will do everything He can do to get His truth to mankind, and to rescue them from death and hell. The Bible says that everyone on the planet WILL HEAR, and that “ANYONE” -“EVERYONE” - “WHOSOEVER” will, may come to know Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior. Ultimately it comes down to an individual choice. 


I wonder… what harm would there be in a simple prayer, like: “Jehovah God, if You are real, and Jesus is Your Son… please reveal Yourself to me.”  If there is no God, and Jesus is dead – what harm could such a prayer bring?


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Trinity Broadcasting Network president, Paul Crouch meets people of all walks of life each year, from around the world. Paul is currently offering FREE-FOR-THE-ASKING, two books that deal with Biblical truth, and how it compares to the Koran and the Muslim faith.


Two authors of the book series “Christianity 101” are featured in a new TV-program on TBN. This educational program, also called “Christianity 101” seems to offer valid, down-to-earth answers to questions about Jesus Christ, The Bible and other religions.


When you know Jesus like I know Him, you can’t help but want everyone to know Him too. Without Jesus there is no hope. Without Jesus there is no peace. All good things are from the Father, and are found inside of knowing Jesus, His Son.  What an empty, useless life it would be without Him.


God bless you, with a fresh revelation of Who He is, and of His love for mankind.



 JJ Daniel