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~ Celestial Song ~

by Rebecca Britt


The One who spoke the light year's span

did bide within the womb of man

and quiet stayed 'til angels' praise

would call Him forth to length of days.


The maid He bore in heavenly rest

now held Him close upon her breast

while learned men from far and east

brought homage, lowing with the beasts.


Celestial song one starlit night

wrapped God's own Son in lullaby.

The newborn King of promised Seed

in manger lay, the Prince of Peace.


A toddling 'mongst the stable's crew,

He played with creatures tame and grew

in stature wrought by earth's command

which once He held within His hand.


Celestial song on starlit nights

advent suppliant prayer's delight.

The child a King of promised Seed,

to Abba's will doth bend the knee.


Oh God of wonders Son of man,

what precious gift was this your plan

to walk amid your flock by night,

a fiery pillar of covenant light.


Celestial song will e'er proclaim

love's gift to all, the Great I Am.

The Shepherd King of promised Seed,

Himself a Lamb the Father leads.


Yet on a chill and wintry eve

while sheep and shepherds warm did sleep,

Heav'ns trumpets hailed and angels praised

the Lamb of God, a babe to raise.


Celestial song one starlit night

announced salvation's infant plight.

The newborn King of promised Seed,

a babe to raise upon a tree.