Luana’s Miracle Celebration



luana.jpgMarch 12th  is a great day of celebration in my life...the life our Lord chose to save.


37 years ago today...I was shot in the head and left to die.  My daughter, then 7 years old, had made a P.T.A. invitation for me at school that day. Even tho' she was supposed to be taken to her great-grandma's home, not ours, she, with an attitude of stubbornness and determination, insisted on bringing that 'invite'

to me.


When they'd kicked the front door in, Kim walked into the living room to find her mother, lying on the couch--unconscious... life's blood running out of me.  By the time the adults had grasped the gruesome reality of the situation, they quickly sent Kim away. But not quickly enough for her to miss the horrific sight she will have engraved in her mind....forever.


 Today, I sent Kim a 'thank-you' note, reminding her that if it hadn't been for her stubbornness and determination, I probably wouldn't be alive today. She responded with, "You're welcome. I'm glad God could use me. And, by the way, stubbornness is not a bad thing."


Throughout the day, I've given thanks to our wonderful Lord and Savior for His grace and mercy. During that period in my life, I certainly was not walking with Him. Nevertheless, He spared my life, again. He had a purpose for me then, as He does now.


Please understand, I'm no better than anyone else...it just happened that His purpose for me had/has not been completed yet. At least that is how I see it.


As for my daughter--yes, she's had emotional difficulties through the years, processing this memory, and giving it to Jesus. She's been such a big help to me, as I've tried to 'put all the pieces of the puzzle together'.  I believe when we've shared with one another about that time in our lives, it's been good for both of us.


Kim surely sees God's hand in the situation, just as I do.


Even tho' it was a traumatic ordeal for my whole family... we've grown from it. My younger children were too young to even remember that portion of the situation. They do remember the 'aftermath ordeals'. Those times were difficult for all of us. Even so, the Lord 'kept' us through it all.  What a victorious testimony of God's love and His plan for each and every person!


Because this is always an emotional (Good) day for me, I wanted to share this with you.  I stand in awe of the fact that our God chose to spare my life...even tho' I wasn't walking with Him then. And, He used a 7-year-old girl, my daughter, Kim to find me. He knew, with His hand on her, she could handle what was lying ahead of her. I am extremely blessed and thankful for the life I still live, for Him. And, I am ever thankful for that 7-year-old girl...Kimberly.


Thank you for reading this and celebrating with me, the life that has been restored to me...the life I continue to live. God used a very stubborn and determined 7-year-old girl as a part of the story in which my life was spared! 37 years is a long time ago...I'm still here! Praise the Lord!


The time is not long for our Lord. He doesn't deal with time. You may feel quite small, looking at our vast planet...but you are not! You have a meaning, a future. You are a part of our precious Lord's plan. Yes, He has a plan for your life! He has a plan for each of us! And it includes each and every one of us! Praise the Lord with me; sing songs of praise to Him for His love, mercy, goodness, and His grace.


Ask the Lord to search your heart and show you what His plan is for you.


He definitely has one, and so wants to share it with you.



                               Forever seeking His will, Luana