I was born in Ashburton and christened Colleen Rose, which very quickly became "Kelly-Rose". At the time of my birth my Dad worked as a farmhand for "The Shipley's" at Irwell (Mrs Shipley became our first lady Prime Minister)

At the age of five we moved to Lincoln on the Canterbury open plains, where Dad worked as a community farm-worker.

Every year I got a new brother or sister until I had eight sisters and three brothers. I was the third born. We worked hard as little mothers to the younger sibling's but amongst the hard work and hidings we had a lot of fun. We learned to ride the farm horses and spent hours up the big old gum tree practicing our yodeling.

We then moved to Duvauchelles Bay on the Banks Peninsula where Dad took employment on the Ministry of Works, by this time I was of High school age; I enjoyed high school at Akaroa.

 On leaving school I got my first job on the telephone exchange. In those days you were mail sorter, counter hand and telephone operator all rolled into one.

We spent many fun hours at the waters edge gathering Rock Oysters and Mussels, and speared many a Flounder. The pantry was always full!

I left home for Oamaru to begin my Nurses training, but that was not to be completed, as Mum had a premature Birth and was quite sick. I returned home to help.

I met my first husband at an Annual Ball; we were married in 1957. We had three sons and a daughter. Our eldest son died in 1997 from bowel cancer.

This man was not my knight in shining amour, and we separated in 1973. Then, I met Gordon on a blind date and we married in 1976 and I found out what living meant.

 Gordon & I shared some wonderful times (a few sad ones too). Travel was in our bones, we traveled all over the Pacific, eight trips in all, before we retired. We covered a lot of ground at home seeing our own beautiful country, and saw some awesome things abroad.

I was in so much emotional pain when my father died in a drowning accident. However, something in my heart kept telling this non believer - that my father was now in heaven. This feeling hung over me for weeks, and I couldn't bear it any longer.

I woke one morning in 1989 resolving to go to "church". That day during the service the pastor asked anyone who didn't know Jesus to put their hand up...mine shot up! I still don't know if I did it voluntarily or "some-one" put it up for me. I crumpled in a weeping heap unloading 50 + years of hurts and burdens.

I don't know how I could have lived so long without Jesus in my life! Since I've known Jesus I have had healings (physical and emotional), and so many blessing! Jesus will always be Lord of my life!

In 1991 we moved from Christchurch to Waimate for a quiet country life, I've never been busier! I have trouble fitting in all my activities. I am involved with pottery, art, theatre, writing poetry and singing in church; I have fun with them all.

 My husband became very sick, I nursed him at home as long as I was able. Sadly, he went home to his beloved Lord in October last year. I miss Gordon terribly, but Dad always said you were brought up tough - to be tough, so get on with it.

If I hadn't known the Lord I would not have coped with my son's or husband's death. Thank God I knew Him! I thank God for helping me through the hard times.

My loving Lord has been my rock and my strength we've laughed together we've cried together but I know my Lord is the greatest love I have.


~~"My Rescue"~~

My testimony poem

I walked along the riverside,

I gave my heart, my old self died.
My precious Lord had rescued me
from a soul destroying destiny.
I owe to Him my life,
my all, t'was from the heart.
I heard His call,
Precious Lord I thank You now
for lifting me above the gloom.
On my knees before you bow,
for each of us You have the room.
You showed me just how much You care,
Praise You, praise You, hear my prayer,
You raised me from the pits of hell,
I know You love me I can tell.
And I only had to reach out,
like the woman at the well.

Kelly-Rose Blackurn.. New Zealand.




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